PIANO – An Interactive Apple Book

A while back I wrote a book called “Piano – Evolution, Design and Performance”.  This book has recently been completely re-imagined and turned into an interactive digital book with elaborate photography, pop-ups, animations, audio clips and much more.

The above images show sample pages from the new work, which is now available for just pennies from the Apple iBook Store. Click here to get it now!

Key Features:

  • Over 200 stunning photographs of pianos, past and present
  • Various audio clips, present and historic
  • Video clips of instruments in action
  • Animated diagrams showing how the various elements of the piano work
  • An archive of all the main piano manufacturing companies throughout history
  • Detailed and authoritative text throughout.
  • An extensive illustrated glossary

PIANO is the most spectacular and informative publication ever assembled on the history and workings of the piano. At its heart is a stunning collection of more than 150 pianos ranging from the instrument’s earliest roots to today’s magnificent upright and grand pianos. The sheer diversity and beauty of this magnificent family of instruments reveals an incredible marriage of technology and invention that has transformed the world of music.

Specially commissioned photographs illustrate the outer beauty and inner complexity of the modern piano, while other technologies examined include: reproducing and mechanical pianos; electric and electronic pianos; and more recent developments such as the digital and virtual piano.

This work was originally produced as a hardback book, and received 5* reviews when released. As mentioned, it has now been completely revised and transformed into a multi-touch iBook. With the introduction of animation, audio and video, this delivers to the reader a fascinating and compelling immersive experience.

Reviews of the original hardback edition:

“… a great contribution to piano lore. I am telling everyone to rush out and buy it.”

Henry Z. Steinway

“Just as the finest piano is appreciated by opening the fallboard, so too can you fill countless hours with enjoyment by opening the cover of this splendid book.”

Robert Cloutier, Piano and Keyboard