Requiem for Pianos: The ArtBook

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Romain Thiery, a classical photographer and pianist, has spent the past decade travelling around Europe capturing stunning images of abandoned pianos. These photographs form a constantly evolving collection that Thiery entitles Requiem for Pianos (Requiem pour Pianos), and have been widely exhibited.

A haunting image from the “Requiem for Pianos” collection. Photo: Romain Thiery

He has now published these photographs, with explanatory text, in a sumptuous new hardback book.

Thiery explores empty country houses, forsaken castles, decaying theatres and all manner of derelict properties, often discovering an old piano left to decay in the rotting construction.

And it is these once commanding instruments abandoned in once glorious settings (both sadly ravaged by time) that are the subject of his work.

He has photographed neglected instruments in France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Romania.

In 2017 Thiery was granted permission to visit the Chernobyl exclusion zone in northern Ukraine. In 1986 a nuclear accident caused a mass-evacuation of all those living within 30km. The area has since been left untouched, and presented Thierry with many photo opportunities.

A schoolroom at Chernobyl, Ukraine, 2017. Photo: Romain Thiery

The ArtBook

High-quality prints of Thiery’s haunting photographs are available through his website. WorldPianoNews published an article on his work earlier this year.

Such has been the success and demand for his photographs that Thiery has produced this remarkable new book. The work is printed by specialist French printers Escourbiac using the latest 8-colour HRUV machines, thus assuring exceptional image quality.

"Requiem for Pianos" the ArtBook

“Requiem for Pianos” the ArtBook, by Romain Thiery

Requiem for Pianos can be pre-ordered for delivery in early December. The first 100 copies are individually numbered and signed.

The price? EUR 49.00. What a unique Christmas gift!

Further details of this publication and the limited edition photographic prints can be found on Romain Thiery’s website.

Book Specifications

Requiem for Pianos(Requiem pour Pianos) by Romain Thiery

  • 96 pages, 64 pages with photos, 32 pages with texts (bilingual French/English)
  • Hardback cover with gold hot stamping
  • 8 colour HRUV offset printing
  • Italian Symbol Tatami 170gsm, and Conqueror Wove cream 160gsm paper.

Exhibition Dates

abandoned grand piano

An abandoned grand piano discovered in a deserted country house. Photo: Romain Thiery

Photographs from the Requiem for Pianos collection are currently on show at the following locations…

20 Nov— : On-Off Gallerie, Paris, France
25 Sep—31 Dec: Sellanraa Abalone Gallery, Trondheim, Norway 
Sep—1 Jan 2019: Bokeh Bokeh Gallery, San Fransisco, USA
2018: Galerie 30, Paris, France
2018: Galerie Anywhere Creation, Piegut-Pluviers, France

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