Oscar Time

As it’s Oscar time, I thought I’d write a short piece about the 1993 Oscar winner “The Piano”. Why? Because it won 3 Oscars and a piano is pivotal to the plot. I was busy… Read more »

3 row button accordion

Pianos and Melodeons

News of a just-released publication entitled Global Piano Melodeon Market 2017 Industry Research Report reached me today. QY Research, a New York based market research company, are its authors. These kind of reports on the state… Read more »

Burning Issues

Although rather tame in nature, Saturday’s “Let It Shine” (a BBC UK talent show) featured a “piano burning”, and apparently raised a few eyebrows in the world of social media. During the programme, Nightfall, a… Read more »

Piano Day 2017

Piano Day is a worldwide celebration of the piano. It takes place on the 88th day of each year. Why the 88th?  Simply to reflect the number of keys on a piano. The 2017 event… Read more »