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In 2018, we published an article entitled “Finding Airbnb Properties with a Piano”. We wanted to help those looking for a holiday property that have a piano. This is an important consideration for many of our readers. We felt that getting Airbnb to include this as a search option was the best way forward.

photo of large grand piano in a white room
Photo: Steinway and Sons

Despite contacting Airbnb, and also suggesting our readers message the company, we heard nothing.

But it seems our efforts weren’t totally in vain (although this might just be a coincidence). Airbnb has just changed the format of its home page to include 56 search categories. And one of these is “Grand Pianos”. You can now find rental homes around the world providing access to a grand piano. And at the time of writing, there are over 2,800 such properties listed.

screenshot showing listings of airbnb properties with a piano

This is a great step forward. No longer must one trawl through countless listings in search of a piano. Now the professional pianist needn’t interrupt their essential practise schedule to take a holiday. And the amateur musician, with only a small digital piano at home, can now go on vacation and experience the true joys of an acoustic instrument.

It’s a shame the search category is limited to grand pianos. Why exclude uprights? They may not be as glamorous or as photogenic in a listing, but access to a good upright would be a more than adequate option for most vacationing pianists.

How it Works

To use this new search facility go to the Airbnb homepage. A line of icons is visible below the company logo. Click/tap on the right arrow until the grand piano icon comes into view. Click this graphic and listings showing grand pianos in their homes will appear.

screenshot showing map of airbnb properties with a piano

And by using the map option you can discover thousands of beautiful properties all around the world, all with pianos just waiting to be played. Even if you aren’t planning a holiday, it’s well worth a look just to take a peek inside some amazing homes.


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3 thoughts on “Airbnb Properties with a Piano

  1. Doreen

    If you put this code at the end of any search result URL on AirBnb (you have to be using the website, not the app) you can filter for pianos – not just grand pianos.


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