Turn your keyboard into a grand for about a grand.

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If you use a keyboard or digital piano on stage, you must accept that appearance-wise, these instruments aren’t that attractive. For the past few years Amsterdam-based company Dutchgrand have been doing their bit to rectify this. They manufacture piano shells.

These polyester and aluminium shells are an aesthetically pleasing alternative to the conventional keyboard stand. The “one-size-fits all” shells accommodate a wide range of different stage pianos and keyboards, and create the illusion that the instrument is a genuine grand piano.

The upper part of the shell is made from engineered polyester, whilst the legs are aluminium and fold up into the body of the casework. As a result the shell is extremely light, and set-up takes a matter of seconds.

Dutchgrand are introducing their piano-shells at this year’s NAMM 2017 [music industry] show. The cases are available in most RAL colours, or can be customized with any unique design.

Dutchgrand’s piano shells appeared on the TV show, “The Voice”, and also on the recent ELO tour. The price… around £1000/€1200/$1300.

More information at dutchgrand.com

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