The Steinway Haara Chandelier

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Here’s something a bit different. Steinway & Sons UK, in collaboration with Cameron Design House, has produced the Steinway Haara Chandelier.

Steinway grand piano and Haara chandelier

Although a bit “off-topic” for this website, it is worth taking a look at this new product if only because it bears the Steinway “Lyre” emblem.

Steinway has in the past produced special edition pianos that incorporate elements of other brands. For example, the elegant “Masque de Femme” grand piano was a collaboration between Steinway and the French glassmaker Lalique. There is Steinway Lyngdorf – a joint venture producing ultra high-end digital amplification. But now the company’s iconic emblem appears (possibly for the first time?) on a non-audio related product.

The Steinway and Sons "Lyre" emblem

The Steinway and Sons “Lyre” emblem caps the last lantern

The limited-edition Steinway Haara Chandelier was unveiled this week at London Design Festival 2019. Only ten pieces will be made. And each will be hand-built by craftsmen at Cameron Design House’s workshop in St Johns Wood, London.

Steinway Design and Purpose

The chandelier features a series of cylindrical lanterns made from hand-drawn glass and polished brass. These are supported by the metal Haara framework. The gold Steinway “Lyre” logo, with the familiar high-gloss black lacquered background, appears on the final end lantern. It is visible whether the light is on or off.

The Finnish word “Haara” describes the dividing/branching part of a tree. And can aptly be used here to describe the chandelier’s frame. Cameron Design House have used variations of this design on other award-winning lighting projects.

We’re delighted to be working with the iconic Steinway & Sons UK to create this incredibly special limited edition lighting piece. The organic and delicate structure of the Haara is the perfect balance to a Steinway & Sons piano, adding grandeur and expressiveness to a room, perfectly complementing one of the most beautiful musical instruments ever created.

Ian Cameron, Creative Director, Cameron Design House

Will other non-musical luxury products bearing the Steinway logo appear in the future? The brand is a very strong one, and right up there in terms of quality. Tempting!

Please feel free to add your comments below.

Specifications (preliminary):
Support: fully adjustable drop height on 1.2mm stainless steel suspension cables.
Lanterns: glass diffusers
LED lights: CRI>95, ~ 50K hours life.
LED colour options: 2700K and 3000K (other temperatures available on request)
Power: via suspension cables.
Light Output: lumen level available on request
LED Driver: triac dimmable (5%-100%) as standard
Voltage: 110V-230V-277V, to be specified.
Price on application.


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2 thoughts on “The Steinway Haara Chandelier


    The chandelier is rather stark-looking to be nice. I don’t know where this chandelier would be appropriate to show off in other than a Steinway showroom.

    1. John

      I absolutely agree Rick. Unfortunately big marketing budgets and the urge to exploit a profit from every possible angle is taking the focus away from the actual pianos (and from general taste/good sense!). Lucky there are so many great European piano manufacturers to choose from 🙂


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