Schimmel Pianos Launches Customized Art Series

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Schimmel Pianos (aka Wilhelm Schimmel Pianofortefabrik GmbH) has launched an innovative approach to a piano’s appearance with their new “Customized Art” series. This allows clients to create their own unique instrument featuring any artwork they choose.

composite image showing four examples of the pianos
Examples of Schimmel’s “Customized Art” pianos

Last year pianomaker Petrof announced its Gemini “Art and Music” range. These pianos are custom-decorated by the artist Maxim. Here the client specifies the image concept, colour palette, etc. that Maxim will apply to the piano’s casework.

Schimmel’s Customized Art series goes a stage further in that a customer can choose a specific image to be applied to the casework. For an upright, the image appears on the front panels, whilst for a grand, the artwork features on the inside of the lid.

image showing close up of a graphic image on the underside of the lid of a Schimmel grand piano

As any image can be used, this option opens up a new world of possibilities. Paintings, photos, text, graffiti, logos, adverts… anything (legal) can be applied.

Only certain Schimmel pianos are available for the Customized Art program. These are the Wilhelm 114 Modern and Classic 116 Modern uprights, and the Wilhelm 180 Tradition, Classic 169 Tradition, and Classic 189 Tradition grand pianos.

Design Preview

To help with the design process, Schimmel Pianos has developed a configurator program on their website. This allows customers to create a preview of a Schimmel upright or grand piano incorporating their specific imagery.

A screenshot of the configurator page.
The configurator page from the Schimmel Pianos webiste

In fact, anyone can the configurator, so go to the website (here) and try it out! Select which piano you want to address, then upload your image, place it, and hit the Preview icon.

“We are delighted to be able to offer our customers the opportunity to realize their dream of their very own customized upright or grand piano. The Customized Art series is intended to be a pioneer for innovation and individuality in modern piano making.”

Schimmel Pianos spokesperson

Schimmel Pianos is a German-based manufacturer of high-quality acoustic grand and upright pianos. It was founded back in 1885 by Wilhelm Schimmel in Leipzig, and now has its headquarters in Braunschweig (Brunswick), an historic city in north-central Germany. In 2016 Schimmel Pianos became part of the Pearl River Piano Group, but its pianos (with the exception of the Fridolin Schimmel brand) continue to be built in Germany, and Poland.

So, with the advent of the Schimmel Customized Art series, you’ll really can have your own unique “art-case” piano (well, sort of). It will be interesting to see what kind of imagery customers will choose for their new piano. Feel free to add your suggestions below!

Although World Piano News is a UK-based publication, we have used the American English spelling “customized” rather than the British English “customised”. This is because Schimmel itself has adopted this spelling.


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