New Product: Schimmel C121 Upright Piano

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Schimmel Pianos has replaced their popular C120 upright piano with a new model—the Schimmel C121. The new instrument joins Schimmel’s “Classic” collection of German-made pianos.

Photo of the Schimmel C121 Tradion Marketerie upright piano
The Schimmel C121 Tradition Marketerie with a high gloss mahogany finish

The Schimmel C121 includes several new design innovations—but most notable is the bridge. This has been replaced with the reduced-mass bridge found on Schimmel’s premium Konzert models. The new bridge transmits the strings’ vibrations more efficiently, resulting in greater sustain, and a richer timbre.

C121 Models: (top) Elegance Manhattan, Tradition, Royal Intarsie Flora; (bottom) Royal, Tradition Marketerie …(zoom)

Schimmel offers the C121 in five different model variants: Tradition, Elegance Manhattan, Royal, Royal Intarsie Flora and Tradition Marketerie. Each is available in a selection of veneers and finishes. Intarsie is a woodworking technique similar to marquetry.

The Schimmel Classic range consists of three grands and four upright pianos. All are made at the company’s Braunschweig facility in north-central Germany.

Close-up photos of the Schimmel C121 Royal Intasarie Flora upright piano
Close-ups of the Schimmel C121 Royal Intasarie Flora

A Very Brief History

The Schimmel company has been making pianos in Germany since 1885, when Wilhelm Schimmel, at the age of 30, founded Hof-Pianofortefabrik Wilhelm Schimmel. The company started in a small workshop near Leipzig and enjoyed rapid growth. Two years later it moved from its original 13 sq m premises to one of 4000 sq m!

Following years of further growth, in 1958 Schimmel became the bestselling resident German upright piano manufacturer in the world.

In 2016 Schimmel entered into a strategic alliance with China’s Pearl River Piano Group (arguably the world’s largest piano manufacturer). Pearl River is now a majority shareholder in the company. Pianos continue to be made in Braunschweig, as well as at Schimmel’s Polish factory in Kalisz, and also in China. 

The Schimmel Collections

As well as the Classic (C) collection, the Schimmel product line consists of four other ranges of grands and uprights:

  • Konzert (K), flagship models, made in Germany
  • Wilhelm Schimmel (W), entry-level models, made in Kalisz, Poland
  • Fridolin Schimmel (F), based on Schimmel designs, made in China by Pearl River
  • Schimmel Meisterstücke (Masterpiece), iconic designs from the past 130 years.

Schimmel also has an Art-Collection series, which includes the spectacular K208 Pegasus grand piano.

Schimmel C121 Upright Piano
Dimensions (cm): 121(H) x 150 (W) x 59 (D) [x 62(D) Tradition]
Weight (kg): 249
Finishes (high gloss): Ebony, White, Mahogany
Finishes (satin): Walnut, Alder, Cherry
Availability: December 2019
Price: subject to finishes/options

More information is available on the Schimmel website.


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