Linking an Acoustic Piano and a Tablet—No Mods Required

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The ONE Music Group has unveiled their latest product – The ONE Piano Hi-Lite. This is a piano “add-on” that opens up access to The ONE’s award winning music learning programs.

Recently, we’ve seen a lot of home digital pianos with integral teaching aids. In its most basic incarnation, this takes the form of a tablet interface that synchronises the onscreen score to a set LED indicators inset above each of the instrument’s keys. These highlight which notes should be played and when.

The ONE Smart Piano (also from this company) is such an example, and its success when used with its complimentary learning programs, has spawned this new product.

The concept behind the Hi-Lite project is to allow existing owners of acoustic pianos and digital keyboards to use the company’s music teaching and games softwares.

The ONE Piano Hi-Lite is a plug-and-play LED strip that just sits on the 88 notes of a piano, or keyboard. The instrument needs no modification whatsoever. The LED/sensor strip connects to a tablet (iOS or Android) or smartphone via Bluetooth or micro-USB cable.

The ONE Smart Hi-Lite

The ONE Piano Hi-Lite sensor and LED strip

 A red and a blue LED is mounted into the strip above each key. Sensors under the unit detect when each key is played. The ONE Smart Piano app (free), can then be utilised, and this offers more than 100 video lessons (all levels), over 3000 LED guided pieces of sheet music, and several interactive games.

The ONE Smart-Piano app

The LEDs indicate the notes to play (blue for left hand; red for right), and the sensors confirm that the correct note is played. The software uses this information to intelligently control the various application on the tablet.

The ONE Smart-Piano app

The strip in-situ, linked to a tablet running The ONE Smart-Piano app

The ONE Smart-Piano app recently won a 2017 Silver Edison Award (a globally recognised innovations award, apparently).

The ONE Piano Hi-Lite has a US price of $269.99, but can be pre-ordered through Indiegogo for $199.00 (limited period). It will ship in November 2017.

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