New Product: Nord Piano 4

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Clavia DMI have just announced that the Nord Piano 4, the latest generation of their award-winning digital Piano Series, will ship this summer.

Nord Piano 4

Nord Piano 4 with stand and Nord Triple Pedal

The Nord Piano first appeared in 2010. It uses digital samples as the primary sound source backed up by the comprehensive Nord Sample Library. Clavia designed the instrument to provide a realistic alternative to an acoustic piano, primarily for the pro and semi-pro musician. 

The Nord Piano 2, which came out in 2012, extended the capabilities of the instrument, providing access to non-piano samples. Sounds could thus be split and/or layered across the keyboard.

Nord Piano 4 with 88 note keyboard

Nord Piano 4 with 88 key Hammer Action Triple Sensor Keybed

In 2016 Clavia released the Nord Piano 3 featuring an improved weighted keyboard from Fatar. The Virtual Hammer Technology delivers a feel and dynamic response closer to that of a grand piano. 

The fourth generation Nord Piano includes the following new features:

  • Seamless Transitions for smooth program changes – so no glitches when changing sound
  • 7 Split Points with optional Split Point crossfades – this gives a smooth transition across the split point
  • Refined Organise Mode for quickly rearranging programs – an enhanced, more efficient way to sort, organise and access programs utilising the new Numeric Pad mode 
  • Greatly expanded polyphony (120 voices)
  • Creative Piano Filters – the piano Section now features dedicated filters for accentuating softness, mid or brilliance. 

The instrument’s Sample Synth Section also benefits from twice the memory of its predecessor.

Nord Piano 4 Samples

The Nord Piano 4 comes loaded with Clavia’s latest grands, uprights, electrics, electronics, and digital pianos. In addition, the sounds from the aforementioned Nord Sample Library can be downloaded to the Nord Piano free-of-charge. Clavia are always adding new and interesting sounds to this library (both piano and non-piano).

OLED display

Nord’s new OLED Display

One of the Nord Piano series’ greatest strengths, apart from its excellent timbral quality, is its range of dedicated knobs and buttons. Clavia has recognised that musicians want to be able to access various parameters instantly rather than having to delve into endless menus.

Clavia Digital Musical Instruments AB are based in Sweden, where all R&D and manufacturing takes place. Final assembly is completed by hand at their Stockholm facility. 95% of the company’s output goes to export. 

Clavia have yet to announce the price of the Nord Piano 4. 

More technical information can be found on the Nord website.

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