The Lang Lang Black Diamond Steinway

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The latest addition to the Steinway’s Limited Edition range of grand pianos is the Lang Lang Black Diamond. This piano was recently unveiled to 1,600 guests at an exclusive Lang Lang concert held at the Philharmonie de Paris.

Lang Lang playing the Lang Lang Black Diamond piano

The Lang Lang Black Diamond Model D with the pianist himself at the product launch

The piano has been developed by virtuoso pianist, and Steinway Artist, Lang Lang in collaboration with US designer Dakota Jackson. Steinway has confirmed that this is the first time such a world-renowned concert pianist has helped in the design of one of their instruments.

Lang Lang, a veritable superstar in the classical world, was born in June 1982 in Liaoning, China. His exceptional talent, passion, and showmanship have combined to make him the leading exponent of the piano in the world today. He is currently doing more for the popularity of the instrument than any other performer.

Dakota Jackson is an American furniture designer and has worked with Steinway on several previous instruments. These include the Tricentennial Model A (2000), released to mark the 300th anniversary of the piano; and the Arabesque Model B (2013), celebrating the company’s 160th anniversary. And this instrument was the first Steinway piano to receive the prestigious Red Dot Award for innovative product design.

The Lang Lang Black Diamond Pianos

The Black Diamond Model D

The Lang Lang Black Diamond Model B (high gloss ebony finish)

Steinway wanted to produce a visually stunning limited edition instrument that not only bore Lang Lang’s name but also reflected his unique style and talent. The instrument should be worthy of the Lang Lang moniker, and be one the pianist would be proud to tour with.

The Lang Lang Black Diamond Model D

The Lang Lang Black Diamond Model D concert grand piano (Macassar ebony finish)

Steinway subsequently introduced Lang Lang to Dakota Jackson and together they evolved the black diamond concept.  Black diamonds do occur naturally but are very rare, and have something of an esoteric aura about them. Over the ensuing months, the two finalised the instrument’s unique design that strives to captures the allure of the black diamond. 

The Lang Lang Black Diamond piano has an elegant, beautiful look, and includes various embellishments intended to create an air of opulence and mystery. 

The casework is available in high polished ebony or Macassar ebony finishes. The latter was used by Jackson for the casework of his Arabesque Steinway.

An individually numbered medallion is affixed to the inner rim

An individually numbered medallion is affixed to the inner rim

There are three slender diamond-shaped silhouettes punctuating the line of the rim. Metallic accents appear on the legs, the music rack and the back of the case. And a small diamond silhouette is engraved in silver above the keyboard.

The soundboard is overprinted with a special decal referencing the origins of the design.

Dakota Jackson’s final touch is his unique S-shaped propstick (topstick) supporting the piano lid. This references the other grand pianos the designer has created for Steinway.

Lang Lang's personal signature is featured on the right end of the nameboard

Lang Lang’s personal signature appears towards the treble end of the nameboard

The Lang Lang Black Diamond comes complete with Steinway’s new SPIRIO | r  reproducing technology. The launch of this instrument in Paris, also serves as the formal introduction of this system to the European market. 

Limited Editions

The Black Diamond design is available for the model D-274 concert grand and the smaller model B-211. Steinway are manufacturing 8 model D’s with the Macassar ebony finish, and 88 model B’s in high gloss ebony. All instruments feature the SPIRIO | r system.  

The Lang Lang Black Diamond pianos are available from select Steinway Halls and dealers worldwide. There may, however, be a short waiting time for delivery. 

Prices are available on request. More information can be found on Steinway’s European website.


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