New Products: Roland FP-X Series

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Roland has unveiled the latest incarnations of its long-running FP Series of portable digital pianos. The new Roland FP-X Series comprises three models: the flagship FP-90X, the FP-60X and the FP-30X. The design brief for the range is “a premium piano experience in a compact instrument”.

Roland FP-90X (top), FP-60X (middle), and FP-30X (bottom)

These new instruments replace the FP-90, FP-60 and FP-30. The other instrument in the FP series, the Roland FP-10 remains, for the moment, “as is”.

Roland FP-90X

Despite its compact appearance, the Roland FP-90X is a surprisingly high-end instrument. And, like its predecessor, the piano features Roland’s acclaimed PHA-50 hybrid keyboard.

Roland FP-90X

The “X”, however, brings with it various upgrades. The FP-90X now uses Roland’s PureAcoustic Piano Modelling technology as found in the excellent LX700 Series. This incorporates two Behavioural modelling chips which comprehensively analyse how the notes are played. These instantaneously transform performance information into a fully responsive acoustic piano sound. This system replaces the original “SuperNatural” sound engine.

PureAcoustic modelling enables a more nuanced performance to be derived from the instrument. There are eight various concert and stage pianos provided which can be customised to taste using the onboard Piano Designer.

Other enhancements include more piano tones, dual headphone outputs (for teacher and student), and Headphone Acoustic Projection for a more immersive experience.

Roland FP-60X and FP-30X

The mid-level FP-60X and entry-level FP-30X continue to use the SuperNatural piano engine, but offer more piano tones than the former non-X instruments. Other additions include the aforementioned second headphone output and a mic input (FP-60X only). And there are also further upgrades to the sound editing and modifier sections.

Roland FP-60X

All three FP-X models feature high-quality on-board stereo speakers. And mobile devices (smartphones and/or tablets) can be linked using Bluetooth 3.0 technology. This allows apps such as Roland’s Piano Every Day, and Piano Designer to further expand the capabilities of the instruments.

A comparison chart for the three pianos is shown below and more information is available on the Roland website. These instruments start shipping this month (January 2021). Prices have yet to be confirmed.

Roland FP-X Series Comparison Chart (new for FP-X Series in RED)

KEYBOARDPHA-4 StandardPHA-4 StandardPHA-50
SOUND SOURCESuper Natural Piano (BMC)Super Natural Piano (BMC)Pure Acoustics Piano (2 x BMC)
SLIDERSXVol / EQ / Part Bal / MicVol / EQ / Part Bal / Mic
SPEAKERS2 x 12cm2 x 8x12cm (BOX)2 x 8x12cm (BOX) plus tweeters
CONNECTORSHeadphones x 2Headphones x2Headphones x 2
Pedal x 3Pedal x 3Pedal x 3
WIRELESS CONNECTIONBluetooth MIDI & AudioBluetooth MIDI & AudioBluetooth MIDI & Audio
DIMENSIONS1300 x 284 x 151 mm1291 x 382 x 126 mm1340 x 390 x 136 mm
COLORSBlack / WhiteBlack / WhiteBlack / White
APPSPiano Every Day / Piano DesignerPiano Every Day / Piano DesignerPiano Every Day / Piano Designer


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3 thoughts on “New Products: Roland FP-X Series

  1. Greg

    great article. I’ve been looking at getting an FP-90 for a while. Your article is short, but told me everything I need to know about the upgrade

  2. Antonio Perillo

    Sicuramente questa nuova serie Fpx ci riserverà delle grandi novità.
    Ero intenzionato ad acquistare un Fp30, ma a questo punto mi oriento sul nuovo Fp30x.
    In cui, spero tanto, mi auguro di trovare oltre agli stupendi campioni di piano acustico anche qualche bel campione di organo a canne liturgico in full che mancava nel vecchio modello….. Ma è pur sempre un piano, dunque anzitutto miglioramenti nei pianoforti già egregi nel 30.
    La qualità Roland è risaputa!!!


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