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Swedish musical instrument manufacturer Clavia DMI AB has just released the latest version of its excellent Piano series — The Nord Piano 5. And this generation has powerful new features.

photo of the Nord Piano 5 88-note with stand (NP5-88)

The first Nord Piano appeared in 2010. The original design brief was to produce a proper professional digital stage piano that could effectively replace an electronic or acoustic piano. And it had to be portable.

Nord Piano Generations (launch dates)

  • Nord Piano [1] (Jan-2010)
  • Nord Piano 2 (Jan-2012)
  • Nord Piano 3 (Jan-2016)
  • Nord Piano 4 (April-2018)
  • Nord Piano 5 (April-2021)

The Nord Piano is sample-based, and owners have full access to Clavia’s Nord Sound Libraries which hosts a plethora of excellent samples.

Over the years the Nord Piano has carved out an enviable reputation for its design, playability and quality of its sounds. Nord keyboards have that distinctive red casework, which really stands out on stage and on tv. You can spot a Nord instrument a mile off! And you’ll notice they are extremely popular with professional musicians.

All Nord Pianos are hand-built in Sweden by Clavia.

New features

The Nord Piano 5 is available with either an 88-note (NP5-88) or a 73-note (NP5-73) keyboard. The Nord Piano 4 was only released with 88 notes. The keyboard utilises Clavia’s Virtual Hammer Action technology with a triple sensor keybed. This is designed to deliver an authentic emulation of an acoustic piano’s action.

Hands on The Nord Piano 5

Nord Pianos are sample-based. They feature “Piano” and “Sample Synth” sections. However, the new Nord Piano 5 doubles the sound generation capabilities, and this represents a major enhancement to the power of the instrument. The piano now has two piano engines and two sample synth generators (and twice the onboard memory). And these sound sources can all be used simultaneously — layered or split as required.

Owners have access to Clavia’s Nord Sound Libraries which host a plethora of excellent samples. These include instrument-specific libraries, and also comprehensive Piano and Sample libraries. The latter proffers a wide range of acoustic instruments along with synth and vocal samples. Sounds from the libraries can be uploaded to the Nord, replacing the factory-installed voices.

Other new features include Soft and Bright filters, Tru-Vibrato (for modelling acoustic instruments) and Unison (for blending multiple sample voices).

More details of The Nord Piano 5’s enhancements can be found in the table below.

image showing the five different versions of The Nord Piano
The five generations of the Nord Piano (2010-2021)

Clavia also produces the Nord Grand, which was released in 2019. If you are solely an acoustic pianist then this may be the better choice for you. It is somewhat more expensive than the Nord Piano, but incorporates the Kawai Hammer Action Keyboard with advanced triple sensors for truly exceptional piano-like performance.

The Nord Piano 5 will ship in Spring 2021.
Prices are yet to be finalised.

Nord Piano 5 and Nord Piano 4 Specifications

Nord Piano 5Nord Piano 4
Keybed88-key Triple Sensor Grand Weighted Hammer Action88-key Triple Sensor Grand Weighted Hammer Action
Keybed*73-key Triple Sensor Grand Weighted Hammer ActionN/A
Outputs2 + Headphones Out2 + Headphones Out
USB ConnectionYesYes
Monitor InputYesYes
Display TypeOLEDOLED
Programs16 Banks x 25 programs (400 locations)16 Banks x 25 programs (400 locations)
Live/Auto Save Programs5 locations5 locations
Split Keyboard*Yes, advanced KB Split with LED indicationYes, selectable split point with LED indication
Split Point CrossfadesYesYes
Layers/Dual Sounds*2 piano engines, 2 sample synths1 piano engine, 1 sample synth
Program TransposeYesYes
Seamless TransitionsYesYes
Piano Section
Nord Piano Library Memory*2 GB1 GB
Piano Locations6 types x 20 models (120)6 types x 20 models (120)
Piano Polyphony120 voices120 voices
Piano TimbreYesYes
Layer Detune*Yes, 3 amountsN/A
String ResonanceYes (Generation 2)Yes (Generation 2)
Soft/Long ReleaseYes, Selectable on panelYes, Selectable on panel
Pedal NoiseYes (with included Nord Triple Pedal)Yes (Nord Triple Pedal required)
Dynamic Sustain PedalYes (with included Nord Triple Pedal)Yes (Nord Triple Pedal required)
Sample Synth Section
Nord Sample Library Memory*1 GB512 MB
Sample Polyphony*40+ voices30+ voices
Unison*Yes, 3 amountsN/a
Vibrato*Yes, user adjustable with 3 Dly optionsN/a
Effects Section
Effect 1Pan, Tremolo, Stereo Wah/Auto-wah. Control Pedal functionality for all effects.Pan, Tremolo, Stereo Wah/Auto-wah. Control Pedal functionality for all effects.
Effect 2Stereo Phaser, Flanger and Chorus. Two depths for each effect.Stereo Phaser, Flanger and Chorus. Two depths for each effect.
Delay*Yes, Stereo Delay with Tap Tempo, Ping-Pong mode and Global optionYes, Stereo Delay with Tap Tempo
Eq*3 band, Sweepable Mid with Global option3 band, Sweepable Mid
Amp Simulation/CompressorTwin, Jc, Small, Tube Distortion, Stereo CompressorTwin, Jc, Small, Tube Distortion, Stereo Compressor
Master Effects*Reverb (5 sizes + Dark/Bright Mode and Chorale option)Reverb (3 modes + Bright Mode)
DimensionsNord Piano 5Nord Piano 4
Weight*88: 18,5 kg (40.1 lbs)
73: 15,5 kg (34.1 lbs)
18,5 kg (40.1 lbs)
Width*88: 1282mm (50.4")
73: 1070mm (42,1")
1287mm (50.7")
Depth342mm (13.4")342mm (13.4")
Height120mm (4.7")121mm (4.7")
* = parameter updated
all information courtesy Clavia DMI AB


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