Pianodrome Crowdfunding Campaign

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The Pianodrome is an amphitheatre made from over 50 unwanted pianos. And the structure includes five actual working instruments. It first appeared at the Edinburgh Festival in 2018 and is a brilliant space for all manner of live performance.

A classical concert lit by just three standard lamps in the Pianodome which has been set-up in Edinburgh's Leith Theatre.
The Hebrides Ensemble play the Pianodrome at Edinburgh’s Leith Theatre. Photo: Chris Scott

Over the past few years, the Pianodrome has hosted over 250 acts and accommodated over 20,000 audience members. It has appeared at various Scottish locations. In 2019 the Pianodrome won the Creative Carbon Scotland Sustainable award for Best Venue at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Currently, the Pianodrome is a temporary structure. Every time it is used it has to be re-assembled, and this is a massive job. With most of this year’s Edinburgh Festival cancelled, the Pianodrome is currently locked away in storage, and consequently not generating any essential revenue.

images showing the construction of the Pianodome
Setting up the Pianodrome in a special dome in Edinburgh’s Royal Botanical Gardens. Photo Olivier Bardina

Crowdfunding Campaign

So now the two founders Tim Vincent-Smith and Matt Wright want to find the Pianodrome a permanent indoor home in Edinburgh.

This will mean it can be used as a multi-arts venue all year round, and the project will become financially secure. It will also enable the founders to develop similar schemes across the UK, saving countless unwanted pianos from the dump.

A live performance in the Pianodome with audience
Live Pianodrome performance by in-house band S!nk. Photo: Olivier Bardina

To achieve this goal, Tim and Matt have launched a new crowdfunding campaign to raise £25,000. A host of rewards are offered in return for a donation, including Pianodrome facemasks, t-shirts, posters, tickets, and special Pianodrome sculptures.

If you’d like to help secure this unique project’s future go to the Pianodrome’s Crowdfunder webpage and donate. The campaign closes soon so please do it today!


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