The Harmony of Nature Piano by Goldfinch

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The Harmony of Nature piano is a unique and stunning work of art, inspired by the shape and colour of autumnal leaves. It was conceived by Ambika Hinduja, creative director of the art and design house Impeccable Imagination, and commissioned by Indian businesswoman and patron-of-the-arts Sangita Jindal, chair of the India-based JSW Foundation.

studio photos showing the Harmony of Nature piano

Hinduja is known for her modern abstract designs which are inspired by flora, fauna, and the natural elements. She approached UK-based Goldfinch, the specialist design studio division of Edelweiss pianos, with her ideas some 18 months ago. And together they created a design that morphed Hindula’s sculptural ideas around one of Edelweiss’ baby grand acoustic pianos.

Autumnal Leaves

The Harmony of Nature piano strives to capture the shape, colour, and texture of a dried and curled leaf. To give the desired effect, the casework is cast in bronze and clad in 22.5 karat moon-gold leaf. It is only when the lid is opened revealing the keyboard, that one is aware that this is a musical instrument.

And, it is only when viewed from above that the workings of the piano, including the frame and the soundboard, become apparent. From this angle, you can also see the leaf’s true form with all the folds and creases.

studio photos showing the Harmony of Nature piano from above

Tune in to the harmony of nature and trust yourself to the sound, listen to the soft whisper of a falling leaf and the song of a moonlit stone, rustling trees play a wild symphony to awaken the soul, their roots cradled in wisdom, ever ready to be shared.

Ambika Hinduja

This instrument is based around a baby grand piano, and is an extremely substantial work of art. It weighs around 700kg which is 200kg more than a Steinway Model D Concert Grand piano.

Goldfinch has built a very special matching stool to complement the piano. This takes the form of a pebble, also covered in gold leaf.

A One-of-a-Kind Treasure

The Harmony of Nature – A Concerto of Art piano (to give it its full name) was recently unveiled at a prestigious event at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, attended by luminaries from the arts, including Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber.

location photo showing the Harmony of Nature piano at at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum
Palak Chauhan demonstrates the Harmony of Nature piano at the V&A Museum.

Edelweiss has confirmed that this piano will now be shipped to India. This was a one-off commission so no further Harmony of Nature pianos will ever be built.

This is the sixth creation to come from the Goldfinch division of Edelweiss Pianos. The first, built in 2015, was The Crystal—a special grand piano covered in half a million Swarovski crystals. This was followed by The Baby, The Solis, Le Silex, and The Imperial Egg.

Goldfinch offers artists and individuals the opportunity to collaborate in creating truly unique forms of musical art. However, prices can range from £400,000 to over £1million.

More information about Goldfinch and the Harmony of Nature piano can be found on the Edelweiss Pianos website.


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