The PETROF Gemini Upright Piano — Art and Music

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PETROF is a major European manufacturer of acoustic pianos. It has been making pianos in the Czech Republic for over 150 years and over that time built around 635,000 instruments.

front and rear studio photos of the PETROF Gemini

PETROF pianos are known for both their build quality and for their softer and more rounded tone. Many top performers favour them. And PETROF likes to ensure that their instruments not only sound good but also look good.

To this end, the company recently introduced a new upright piano that unashamedly merges the worlds of art and music. The instrument is known as the PETROF Gemini and sells for around 40,000 euros ($43,000).

The art case piano has been around for almost as long as the instrument itself. And most modern manufacturers offer special editions that have an artistic aesthetic. But here we have something a little more “personal”.

For the Gemini project, PETROF has enlisted the talents of twin brothers Karel and Maxim Havlíček. Maxim is a world-renowned Czech-American painter known for his vibrant large-format abstract canvases. Karel is an award-winning composer and multi-instrumentalist. Together with the PETROF design team, they conceptualised this new instrument.

Design Concept

Every Gemini piano features a unique design by Maxim which appears on both the front and the back of the instrument. The rear painting is removable, so if the piano is to be placed against a wall the picture may be displayed elsewhere in the room.

Lifestyle photo of PETROF Gemini with rear panel removed and hung on the wall above the piano

Each piano can be customised to a client’s specific wishes concerning image concept, colour palette, etc. PETROF will arrange a meeting (personal or online) with Maxim so these requirements can be discussed. Thus every PETROF Gemini is different, but still a unique Maxim artwork. Interior designers can now incorporate the piano into their room plans.

photo showing PETROF Gemini installed in a club environment

The piano itself is based on the PETROF P 127. This premium-quality upright has a contemporary minimalistic modern design with crisp, clean lines.

The Gemini comes fitted with PETROF’s adsilent system for headphone performance and multi-track recording.

The elaborate production process of a PETROF Gemini piano can result in delivery times of up to one year. For more information contact

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