Klavins Una Corda — Graffiti Art-line

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David Klavins is a Hungarian piano maker who breaks all the traditional conventions of piano design and construction. His company, Klavins Piano Manufaktúra Kft., is probably best known for their vertical grand pianos.

The enormous Klavins Model 450 Vertical Grand Piano

Last year we ran a piece on the 4.5 m tall Klavins Model 450—the largest upright piano ever built. This massive instrument accommodates bass strings up to 390 cm in length. Longer strings can be thinner, and so more flexible. This reduces inharmonicity and gives the piano a unique clarity of sound.

Una Corda Piano

The original Klavins Una Corda Piano 

Another of Klavins’ instruments is the Una Corda Piano, an upright with just one string per note, instead of the usual three. As a result, the instrument has a unique, more subtle and delicate tone, which some composers particularly desire. 

Other unique features of the Una Corda Piano include:

  • 64-note or 88-note keyboard
  • Double soundboard of solid spruce, rib-less
  • Tone modulator
  • An open design with no cabinet
  • Stainless steel support frame
  • Weight <100kg

At present, there are Una Corda Pianos located at various studios and with private clients in New York, Berlin, Cologne, Bonn, London, Dublin, Paris, Geneva, Antwerp, Budapest, Gothenburg, and Riga.

The Una Corda Piano was developed in conjunction with musician and composer Nils Frahm, and first appeared in June 2014.

The Una Corda — Graffiti

Klavins has now introduced the Una Corda — Graffiti. The idea is to make the Una Corda even more visually stunning. “[These instruments] could appeal to arts centres, schools, art museums, or artists who want to use it on stage to show something more colourful”, states Klavins.

Four of the images showing various designs applied to Klavins Una Corda Art-line pianos

Four different designs from the Graffiti Art-line 

Potential customers can choose from a range of high-impact designs. None of these will be repeated, so each instrument will be unique. The company plans to introduce further designs in the course of time.

The Una Corda — Graffiti is currently available only as a 64-note piano.

Availability: Now (to order)
Price (excluding tax): EUR 19,900.00 (approx. USD 22,500.00; GBP 17,500.00).
More Information: Klavins Pianos

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