EXXEO – A Designer Piano with the WOW! Factor

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A new designer piano has appeared on the scene, and to say that it is visually striking is something of an understatement. It is called EXXEO, and in the words of the manufacturer, “it is an award-winning art piece, a futuristic sculpture that brings music to life”.

Exxeo features a stunning carbon fibre casework

EXXEO’s carbon fibre construction facilitates a bold new design

EXXEO is, in essence, a high-end digital piano with state-of-the-art amplification, housed in stunning casework.

The Los Angeles-based design and engineering team led Iman Maghsoudi, has worked on the instrument for the past 3 years. And the results of their labour have just been unveiled.

EXXEO is not an instrument for the suburban home. It was made to be seen. The designers have set about creating both a work of art and a musical instrument. Some may not like it, but few can deny that this instrument turns heads.

When asked who the instrument was aimed at, Maghsoudi stated, “Art collectors, entrepreneurs, and high net worth individuals with a progressive mindset who love music.”

A white Exxeo designer piano in sumptuous surroundings

Different finishes are available to suit various surroundings

The casework is made from a carbon fibre composite, aerospace grade aluminium, and also uses premium grade leather. Some of the team have considerable experience in automotive and aeronautical design. They’ve worked for the likes of Mercedez Benz, Bertone, Maybach, Cadillac, etc. And EXXEO utilises the latest techniques and materials from these industries to the full.


The Instrument

EXXEO has been developed with the help of Japanese firms Kawai and Onkyo. The instrument uses much of the technology from Kawai’s excellent CA-98. The main piano voicing is the Shigeru Kawai SK-EX concert grand, and the instrument uses Kawai’s Harmonic Imaging XL and SK-EX Rendering engines to produce this and a wide range of additional voices.

The keyboard is Kawai’s Grand Feel II, with weighted wooden keys and triple sensor key detection.

A 7 inch touchscreen display sits to the left of the keyboard, and controls virtually all of EXXEO’s extensive functionality.

Image showing Exxeo's 9 speaker amplification system

EXXEO features a comprehensive 9 speaker 200-watt amplification system

Onkyo, the Japanese hi-end audio manufacturer, has helped design the instrument’s powerful amplification/speaker system. This delivers 200-watts of power to a nine-speaker array.

One interesting feature is the dedicated battery housed in the “tail”. This provides power for up to 20 hours performance and makes EXXEO a truly stand-alone instrument.

EXXEO has a powerful battery located in the instrument's "tail".

EXXEO’s “tail” houses a powerful battery power source

EXXEO is a hand-crafted, limited edition designer piano. Only 88 will ever be made. And every one will be built to order and tailored to the purchaser’s specific requirements. To this end, a wide range of colours and finishes are available. No two instruments will be the same.

As this is a custom made instrument, prices depend on each client’s specifications. A demonstration model is on show at the company’s Los Angeles showroom (by appointment only).

The first pianos will ship in September 2019. More photos of this extraordinary product can be found on the company’s website.


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