Two Stunning New Art Case Pianos

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As 2020 draws to an end, Steinway & Sons and Edelweiss Pianos have both unveiled unique and spectacular art-case grand pianos.

The Solis from Goldfinch by Edelweiss

Edelweiss Pianos and their design team, Goldfinch, have produced a piano inspired by the spectacular Californian sunsets viewed across the arid desert landscape. The piano is a one-off design specifically created at the request of a Los Angeles-based customer.

front image of the Solis looking like the sun on the horizon
The Solis from Edelweiss by Goldfinch looking face-on.

The casework utilises two unique finishes to create the overall effect. Aged Heirloom Bronze with delicate patination is used for the front section of the instrument. This forms the “desert” element of the design.

To deliver the impact of a lugubrious yet lustrous sun, Mark Norman, Goldfinch’s creative lead, specified a 23.5 carat gold leaf finish. This was applied to the metal substrate of the instrument’s main body to deliver a special golden gleam.

At the core of the Solis is Edelweiss’ Sygnet piano. The UK company’s pianos can be extensively customised to suit a customer’s needs, but when something really special is required, the Goldfinch designers are summoned to create “The ultimate bespoke piano”. 

The Solis with lid open and matching stool
The Solis with the gold leaf covered lid open

Previous Goldfinch pianos include: The Baby — inspired by The Twist, a unique sculpture by London studio Based Upon); The Crystal Piano — a Steinway with over half a million Swarovski crystals; and The Chinoiserie Piano — a recreation of a far-eastern influenced Bechstein grand from the 1900s.

The Solis bears Edelweiss Pianos’ iconic flower logo, and it is built in the company’s Cambridge facility. Edelweiss is part of 1066 Pianos which was founded in 1975.

The La Mer Steinway

George H Lewis is an exceptional, internationally-acclaimed artist/photographer. And he has taken a virgin-white Model M Steinway grand piano and used it as his canvas to create a spiritual homage to the sea.

image showing the La Mer Steinway against a blue-sky background
The La Mer Steinway

Lewis is known for his dynamic depictions of rivers and oceans. His exhibition “The Consciousness of Water” at NYU Wagner explored the connections between the human spirit and the ocean. 

The La Mer Steinway is a celebration of the sea. Lewes has painstakingly covered the casework of the piano with beautiful images of breaking waves — all painted directly onto the piano. For the music rest he features cumulonimbus clouds. These complement the epic oceanic visions.

the artist seated working on the Steinway Model M
George H Lewis at work painting the La Mer Steinway

Art-Case Pianos

Both the above instruments are fine examples of decorative art. They may be one-offs, but they illustrate that the piano can be more than just a musical instrument. A piano is often the main focus of a room, so why not exploit its full visual potential. Artists have been doing so for literally hundreds of years.


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