Edelweiss Pianos’ 2019 Collection (featuring Elmer)

Elmer is a dazzling new model from Cambridge (UK) based piano makers Edelweiss. The company likes to produce instruments that really stand out, and appropriately have taken the childrens’ picture book character Elmer the Elephant as their inspiration.

Elmer from Edelweiss Pianos — new for 2019

Elmer — the butterfly lid reflects the elephant’s ears, and the piano’s yellow leg the trunk (possibly?)

If you are unfamiliar with Elmer, he is a fun-loving elephant with a bright multi-coloured patchwork skin. And as a result, he stands out from the rest of the grey-skinned herd. An appropriate role-model for a multi-coloured piano in a world of monochrome instruments.

2019 is also the character’s 30th anniversary. Created by David McKee, Elmer books have sold over 7 million copies worldwide in 50 different languages.

Rear view of Elmer from Edelweiss Pianos

Rear view of Elmer highlighting the colourful nature of the instrument

Edelweiss Pianos’ 2019 Collection

Edelweiss pianos are made by 1066 Group Ltd. This family-run company was established in 1975 by John Roy Norman, a physicist who wanted to apply the meticulousness of science to restoring and building fine pianos.

The futuristic Edelweiss brand launched in 2008 as an affordable yet innovative brand with a unique style. In 2016 the company added a self-playing system complete with audio playback to their range.

Elmer is just one of five pianos that make up Edelweiss’ new 2019 Collection, which will be unveiled at the company’s new showspace on the third floor of Harrods in London.

The Collection comprises:

  • The Klavier U46 (118cm) and U52 (132cm) uprights
  • The Flügel G62 (157cm) baby grand
  • The Flügel G66 (168cm) and G75 (190cm) boudoir grands
  • The Sygnet G50 (127cm) — claimed to be the world’s smallest grand.
The Sygnet G50 baby grand finished in Living Coral (Pantone 16-1546).

The Sygnet G50 baby grand finished in Living Coral (Pantone 16-1546).

The Sygnet G50 is wider than it is long, and according to the manufacturers is the smallest grand piano in the world (with full-size keys). This chic design is known as a butterfly piano, and its compact size makes it popular where space is at a premium – small apartments, restaurants, on super yachts, etc.

All these pianos incorporate the aforementioned self-playing mechanism operated from a MIDI file. This triggers solenoids under each key, which “play” the piano. And this can be synchronized to an audio file, providing vocals and/or backing tracks. This plays through an onboard loudspeaker. More information on Edelweiss’ Self-Play System can be found here.

The new range of pianos is available in 10 new hues. These include the Pantone Colour of the Year (2019) “Living Coral”. Pantone Inc. is responsible for producing standard colour references. When a designer wants a product to be an exact colour he uses a Pantone reference number to ensure colour consistency.

Prince was granted a unique Pantone number for the famous purple colour he used widely.

More information on all the new instruments can be found on the Edelweiss Pianos website.

Prices and Availability

The new Elmer piano sells for £60,000 (approx. $77,500; €70,000)
The Sygnet G50 baby grand sells for £21,995 (approx. $28,500; €25,250).
Shipping charges and national taxes apply.

Edelweiss pianos are generally made to order, and delivery is approximately 8-12 weeks.

Edelweiss Elmer Specifications

FINISHExclusive ‘Elmer’ Finish comprising the ten Edelweiss 2019 Collection colours, transparent components and two exotic veneers
CARCASEHand crafted from specially selected laminated hardwoods
SOUNDBOARDSolid spruce German ‘Strunz’ soundboard
PINBLOCKLaminated Red Beech ‘Dehonit’ pinblock
KEYSManufactured from selected straight-grain softwoods
ACTIONTraditional wood, European design
HAMMERSGerman ‘Abel’ hammers
KEY COVERINGAcrylic synthetic covering
STRINGSHand-drawn copper, spun on Roslau wire
FRAMEGrey Cast Iron
SELF-PLAYCore components from PianoDisc, USA
HARDWARE'Chrome Silver’ metal hardware

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2 thoughts on “Edelweiss Pianos’ 2019 Collection (featuring Elmer)

  1. A.L.

    “Elmer is a dazzling new model from Cambridge (UK) based piano makers Edelweiss.”
    I don’t understand how they can style themselves as UK based piano makers. This is very misleading.
    Taken from their own website it is admitted that…
    Edelweiss pianos are designed by our piano specialists in Cambridge, England and expertly assembled by our long-established partners in China.

    1. Tomas

      In response to the above comment. That is a not a comment found on the Edelweiss website! The carcase of an EDELWEISS, so rim soundboard and under body is manufactured in China. All stringing, action assembly and installation, voicing, regulating, leg manufacture, spray finishing etc is done in the UK that is how they style themselves as UK made piano makers and I would invite you to visit their facility based just outside of Cambridge to find out more.

      Within the next few months complete UK manufacture is planned, so look out for the return of 100% UK Piano manufacturing.


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