Piano Accessories: PIANOFIT and Nomad Music’s Piano Care Kit

Two new piano accessories have just appeared on the market — one from Germany, the other from America.

PIANOFIT is both the name of the product and the company that makes it. It is a music stand (rack) specifically designed for a grand piano.

PIANOFIT Premium mounted on Steinway grand piano
PIANOFIT Premium on a Steinway grand piano

So why do I need a new music stand for my grand piano… it already has one?

Well, the music stand of virtually all grand pianos holds the music a significant distance above the keyboard, usually quite a bit higher than on an upright. Many musicians find this separation of music and keys unsatisfactory. Piano students can find it helpful to have the music at a lower level. And apparently it can also lead to bad posture whilst turning the pages of the musical text.

The PIANOFIT music rack seeks to address these problems. It is made of acrylic glass, stainless steel and brass, and can be used with the piano’s lid either open or closed (see images). The height of the music above the keyboard is fully adjustable, and with the hinged mechanism locked the PIANOFIT can support heavy music volumes.

three images of various PIANOFIT configurations
PIANOFIT Premium: open-lid setup, close-lid set-up; PIANOFIT Duo (hover to zoom)

There are two models: the PIANOFIT Premium and PIANOFIT Duo. The latter is much wider allowing the display of more pages, however the height element is fixed.

Both stands are also available in wood, painted in any RAL colour (by special order).

Specifications for PIANOFIT Premium
Dimensions: 62 x 40 x 11cm
Weight: 6kg
Price: 599 euros (approx. $710) plus VAT and shipping

Specifications for PIANOFIT Duo
Dimensions: 80 x 32 x 7cm
Weight: 4Kg
Price: 399 euros (approx. $475) plus VAT and shipping

Website: www.pianofit.de

Premium Piano Care Kit

Music Nomad has been making award-winning professional guitar drum and cymbal care products since 2010. This September they launch their Premium Piano Care Kit. This consists of a 120 ml bottle of Piano ONE, a 120 ml bottle of Key ONE and a Music Nomad Dusting and Polishing Cloth.

image showing the contents of Music Nomad's Premium Piano Care Kit

Piano ONE is an organically formulated all-in-one cleaner for semi-gloss and high gloss pianos. As well as acting as a cleaner, polish and wax, the manufacturers claim it delivers a safe transparent protective shield with a high-gloss anti-static shine. This also offers a degree of UV protection.

Key ONE is an all-purpose cleaner for all instrument keys. Music Nomad claims this safely removes fingerprints dust and grime from the keys, whilst the anti-static formulation prevents the attraction of dust to the cleaned surfaces. Key ONE can also be used to clean digital pianos.

The 12in x 12in Dusting and Polishing Cloth contains over 90,000 cleaning microfibres per square inch. It has a deep pile on one side for dusting, and a low pile on the other for use with the cleaners.

Note that the individual elements have been available for some years and have received excellent reviews. It is only now they are available as a packaged kit.

The Premium Piano Care Kit is available directly from Music Nomad’s website or from it’s extensive worldwide distributor network. The US price is $24.99.


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2 thoughts on “Piano Accessories: PIANOFIT and Nomad Music’s Piano Care Kit

  1. Thomas River

    Has anyone successfully used the Pianofit Premium on a Yamaha Clavinova 809 (digital piano)? Thanks for information. I think I would need the adjustable height option so the folding keyboard cover could easily clear it.


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