Two More Million Dollar Steinway Pianos

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Last month, I wrote about million dollar pianos in the news (1) (2), and suggested there was another piece to come.

Well, there are two (though probably more) other pianos for sale at present with million dollar (plus) price tags. These two are Steinways, built at the beginning of the twentieth century and extensively renovated. Both are marketed with “personality” titles/tags.

The Steinway Art Grand Piano

This is a stunning 7’, 1905 Model B, officially described as ivoryized, with a dull finish, special lacquer hardware, with inlaid marquetry.

The piano was originally built for a Washington physician, then sold to a Moroccan Sheik. In the 1970s it was purchased by Frank Lloyd Wright for his third wife. Master piano restorer Glen Brown, bought the instrument in 1997, and, with the aid of his son, spent 17 years restoring this remarkable instrument. This may seem a long time, until you consider the instrument is decorated with over 3,000 pieces of inlaid marquetry portraying musical instruments of the renaissance—just one element of the restoration.

Further details of the instrument can be found on a special Art Grand website set up to publicise the instrument. The asking price: 5.5 million USD.

A Prussian Prince’s Love Piano

Built in 1900, this attractive 6’ 1” Model A was built in Steinway’s Hamburg factory in 1900. The case is hand painted with Vernis Martin style images depicting pastoral and romantic scenes. Vernis Martin is a type of japanning or imitation lacquering named after the French Martin brothers.

The piano is thought to have originally been sold to a Prussian prince living in La Tour de Peliz, Switzerland. The prince supposedly commissioned the decoration of the instrument with the series of love scenes.

The instrument was sold at Sotheby’s in 1920, and remained in England until 1960. It was then shipped to New York as a wedding gift. This piano too required extensive renovation, which was painstakingly undertaken in Long Island, NY. The rebuild took over a year.

More details can be found at Sonny’s Luxury Art Case Pianos.

The asking price: 1 million USD (the Long Island Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation will receive a donation amounting to 10% of the sale price)


Please note neither I, or anyone at World Piano News, is in anyway involved directly in the sale of these instruments. We receive no commission, and we are in no way endorsing the value of the instruments or the asking prices. This goes for all stories published on this site (so don’t try sending us bag-loads of goodies!).

4 thoughts on “Two More Million Dollar Steinway Pianos

  1. Joan C. Tally

    I have a Steinway Baby Grand, mahogany in color, Model M, with H 9 0 and L O stamped on it. It also has a number, possible serial number, on the bottom of the piano. The number is: 267775. The piano has been in the family since the late 1940’s or before. I am hoping you may be able to give me some information on the piano as to when it was made, value, etc. I appreciate any information you might be able to give me.
    Thank You,
    Joan Tally

  2. David Crombie Post author

    I’m really sorry, but we are primarily a news website and we cannot really get involved in researching individual instruments unless they have a newsworthy provenance.

    I would suggest you contact your local piano dealer or a local auctioneer, who should be able to point you in the right direction for a valuation etc.

  3. Patrick L. Laughlin

    Frank Lloyd Wright could not have purchased the “art grand” Steinway for his third wife Olgivanna in the 1970’s as he died April 9, 1959 and was otherwise occupied…

    1. David Crombie Post author

      You are correct. The article should have pointed out that the piano was gifted to the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. Apologies.


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