Finding Airbnb Properties with a Piano

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When you go away do you ever wish you could find somewhere to stay that has a piano? To sit at a beautiful instrument in a unique location, perhaps with a stunning view, is to many the ultimate holiday experience.

Photo: Courtesy Yamaha US

A while ago I put up a message on a community board asking just this question, and over the past year I’ve been contacted by a number of people who would really like to find places to stay that have a piano they can use. So I thought maybe this was a matter worth pursuing.

Airbnb Piano Filter

Airbnb seems the obvious place to start. When searching for a place to book, the Airbnb search engine offers various filters to help you find what you are looking for. You specify, location, dates, number of rooms etc, and up comes a selection of available properties. In addition there is a section headed Amenities, which enable you to find homes that offer various facilities such as gyms, hot tubs, a pool, free parking etc.

I feel that adding “Piano” to this list of amenities would be a most worthwhile option. I previously contacted Airbnb about this and they felt there would be insufficient demand. They may be right, but I think, with your assistance, it is worth taking things a stage further… so if you feel this is a good idea, the piano playing community need your help.

If enough people contact Airbnb with a request to include a search option for “pianos”, we might just get it actioned.

Message Airbnb Today

It seems the best way to get Airbnb to take notice is to send them a Direct Message via Twitter. Simply log in to Twitter, search for @Airbnbhelp, and choose “Follow” them. You can then send a Direct Message (DM) by selecting the “Messages” tab. Your message should include a simple request that they offer a Piano checkbox in the list of a property’s amenities. Let us know if you get a response.

Owners of Properties with Pianos

If you already list a property on Airbnb, and it has a piano, please also message the company with this request. In addition always include a photo of your piano in your listing and mention its availability. Having a piano (and telling people about it) can dramatically increase your occupancy rates.

You might also like to add a comment beneath this post, stating that your rentable property has a piano. Feel free to do this even if you list your property on websites other than Airbnb, or if you are part of a house swap program.

Help Take Things Further

This is the first stage in this campaign. Hopefully we can make Airbnb reconsider, and include a piano filter. But also, if there is enough of a response, we can create our own database of properties for rent that offer a piano. Have you ever rented somewhere with a piano? Let us all know below.

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