Shells — a New Short Film from Fazioli

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Fazioli has released a beautiful new short film designed to show just what makes a Fazioli piano so special.

image of Fazioli nameboard

Entitled “Shells”, the film suggests that the creation of the Fazioli piano sound is a complex yet natural process, akin to the creation of the seashell—hence the title.

Fazioli Pianoforti s.p.a., is an Italian company based in Sacile, some 50 miles north-east of Venice. The company, founded by Paolo Fazioli, made its first piano just 40 years ago and has since designed many of the world’s finest pianos.

With a staff of around 50, Fazioli produces around 140 instruments a year. The current collection comprises six pianos with sizes ranging from the F156 (156cm) baby grand, to the F308 concert grand. There are also the special Art Case and Design Collection variants.

What makes these pianos so good is the craftsmanship, passion, and the company’s use of technology to constantly improve the “product”.

Tradition and Technology

Most non-Asian piano manufacturers have a history of over 100 years. As a result, they are often less inclined to adopt new technologies and materials. Fazioli, a relative newcomer, is not a company to rely on tradition, and as such is actively receptive to new ideas. That said, Sacile, in the Province of Pordenone, has a very long tradition of producing fine furniture and woodcraft.

“Shells” highlights the care and passion with which each instrument is crafted. And the soundtrack, a rendition of Debussy’s Reverie, performed by Venetian pianist Alessandro Taverna, brings colour to the rich black-and-white imagery.

This sumptuous film runs for just a few minutes… so there’s no reason not to take a look!


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