Fazioli : From the Dream to the Sound

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Dal Sogno Al Suono (English: From the Dream to the Sound) is a new documentary film celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Fazioli Pianoforti company. It premiers on Fazioli’s YouTube channel on December 16th 2022 from 4.00pm CET, and is free for all to see.

image taken from the opening of the film showing the title

The film chronicles Paolo Fazioli’s quest to build the finest grand pianos in the world. Various anecdotes, stories, meetings and memories are recounted by Fazioli, his friends, and key members of his team.

From these interviews we discover what it was that drove Fazioli to realise his dream.

photograph of Paolo Fazioli seated in front of a bookcase
Paolo Fazioli

I’ve always believed in what I was doing, and I’m not saying I was sure I’d “make it”, but I was still quite aware of the opportunity, and I always drew energy from the idea that if you do things well and put together a quality product, sooner or later you will find success…

Paolo Fazioli, Fazioli Pianoforti founder and president

Fazioli F308

This actual piano was first played in 1987 by François-Joel Thiollier, and later by Lazar Berman at Carnegie Hall, New York. It was subsequently sold to a customer in Taiwan.

And at the heart of the film is a very special F308 concert grand piano—the very first one to come out of the factory. The F308 model is an immensely powerful instrument. It was designed for the largest of concert halls and for very big spaces.

photo of Fazioli F308 on a stage
The Fazioli F308 Concert Grand Piano with 3 lids*

The film uses this instrument as a central thread. Various stories recalling Fazioli’s historic journey unwind as the piano returns from Asia to the company’s Sacile factory for renovation. Sacile is at the centre of the Italian woodworking industry and the home of many of Italy’s finest furniture makers.

The renovation process brings the viewer into the company’s smart modern premises to meet the technicians and craftsmen who share the founder’s aspirations.

The various interviews running through the film combine to illustrate Paolo Fazioli’s passion for the piano and to throw light on his personality and his philosophy.

The film compliments the book of the same name which was published in 2021 (more).

DAL SOGNO AL SUONO a film by Francesco Guazzoni and Alessandro Pasian
Contributors: Paolo Fazioli, Carlo De Incontrera, François-Joel Thiollier, Claudio Truccolo, Job Wijnands
Language: Italian with English subtitles
Release Date: 6-Dec-2022, 4.00pm (CET)
Running time: 49 minutes
Fazioli Pianoforti: Website | YouTube Channel

* Early model F308s had the lid split into three sections, each with its own propstick. Now the lids are made of a lighter material and, like other grand pianos, come as a single piece.


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