Piano Day 2024 is on March 28th

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Every year one day is set aside to celebrate the piano. It is always the 88th day (chosen because a standard piano has 88 keys), and in 2024 that day is Thursday, March 28th.

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Piano Day is a relatively new concept. It was the idea of German pianist Nils Frahm, who felt that the piano, the king of instruments, deserved to be honoured more widely. So in 2015, he launched Piano Day — a collection of events, performances, masterclasses, workshops, etc. all celebrating the piano, and all designed to encourage the appreciation and the playing of this the most important of musical instruments.

Piano Day’s global impact continues to grow. This year, the Piano Day website already lists nearly 100 events taking place in countries around the world, and the number climbs daily.

Every year we run a short article such as this about Piano Day. We are publishing this piece a little earlier so that we can inspire you to perhaps create your own Piano Day 2024 event. Or, if you have already planned something for Piano Day, encourage you to share details of your event on the official Piano Day website.

With programmes such as “The Piano” (an incredibly popular life-affirming UK TV show that is starting to be syndicated around the world) the piano itself is attracting a lot of attention. A project such as Piano Day 2024 can only help to further enhance the instrument’s popularity, and this has got to be a good thing.

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