Piano Day 2022 is on March 29th

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Piano Day is an annual celebration of “the King of Musical Instruments”. It takes place on the 88th day of the year (because pianos have 88 keys of course). And this year that date is March 29th.

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The celebrations consist of well over 50 official events around the world, mostly in the form of concerts/performances. But there are also lectures, masterclasses and other piano-related happenings involving performers, manufacturers, retailers, tuners, and piano lovers from many nations.

Full details are on the Piano Day website (www.pianoday.org). Note that some events may take place around, not actually on, March 29th.

As with other international “Days” (such as World Poetry Day, World Book Day, Human Rights Day, etc.), the purpose of Piano Day is to bring its subject to the attention of a wider public. But this event is also a platform for other projects featuring pianos.

Get Involved

Organisers want everyone interested to join in. Be it by attending one or more of the events, by creating one’s own concert which could be live-streamed, or by doing anything creative that involves a piano. Contact info@pianoday.org for more details.

A very special collection of 32 exclusive and unreleased piano pieces reflecting the diversity and adaptability of the instrument has been compiled as part of Piano Day 2022. This will be released on March 29th.

Piano Day was launched in 2015 by a group of enthusiasts which included German pianist / composer / producer Nils Frahm. This, therefore, is the 8th Piano Day, and despite last year’s Covid-related restrictions, the event goes from strength to strength. Unfortunately, this salute to the piano has not yet made it to the United Nations’ Official List of International Days and Weeks, but hopefully, such recognition is only a matter of time.

Piano Day 2022 official links: Website / Facebook


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