Celebrate Piano Day 2023 on March 29th

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It’s that time again! On the 88th day of each year, the world celebrates Piano Day. And in 2023 this day falls on Monday 29th March. Why the 88th? Because a piano has 88 keys, so why not?

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Piano Day was initially launched back in 2015 by German pianist Nils Frahm with a mission to draw attention to the “king of musical instruments”. And the project has since grown and grown.

This year there over 75 different events listed on the Piano Day website (in 2022 it was around 50). And that’s just the registered activities — the tip of the iceberg! Many manufacturers, musicians, concert venues, piano stores, broadcasters (radio and television) etc., around the world are holding their own celebrations. Some stores may even be offering Piano Day discounts on instruments.

Most Piano Day events take the form of performances, recitals, gigs, masterclasses, workshops, etc. All are designed to encourage people to both play and appreciate the piano. Piano Day is also a great way to connect with others who share a passion for the instrument.

Bear in mind that, for various reasons, some events take place on days adjacent to March 29th, and some run for the whole week, so it is worth checking out local listings.


Last year we suggested that Piano Day should be recognised as an official “International Day” (like World Book Day, or World Wildlife Day). This is regulated by the United Nations, and if you look at the list of these “authorised” days (here) there’s got to be a good case for Piano Day being formally acknowledged.

So do get involved with Piano Day 2023 if you can. Check out the Piano Day website, and let’s honour the most fantastic musical instrument ever invented.

Piano Day 2023 official links: Website / Facebook

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