Resonances — a New Film about Piano Makers C. Bechstein

A superb new documentary film by Tom Nitsch has just been released. It is entitled Resonances and pays tribute to the German piano manufacturer C. Bechstein.

Resonances — a new documentary by Tom Nitsch

Resonances — a new documentary by Tom Nitsch

But this is so much more than just a glimpse inside the world of Bechstein. The film is really a tribute to the piano itself rather than to just one brand. Piano lovers of all allegiances will find much to enjoy in this glossy 37-minute production.

Tom Nitsch is an award-winning German documentary maker. He is better known for his films on yachting, but here delivers an emotional insight into the history, design, and performance of Bechstein pianos.

Pianists and their Pianos

The film analyses the “Bechstein sound”, and questions classical and jazz pianists as to what they are looking for in a great piano. Nitsch continues to sensitively examine this unique relationship between pianists and their pianos.

Resonances also delves into the manufacturing process, exploring the various production techniques and unique design elements that go into every instrument. Here we see an almost artistic portrayal of the pianos’ fabrication.

A clip from the documentary showing Bechstein’s frame finishing plant

The film features interviews and performances by the following pianists: Saleem Ashkar, David & Götz, Pavel Gililov/Mischa Maisky, Ulrike Haage, Denys Proshayev/Nadia Mokhtari, Morten Schantz & Group, Serra Tavsanli, and Haiou Zhang.

Check out this sumptuous documentary on the C. Bechstein AG website.
available in: Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, and Russian.

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