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This news blog is, as you’ve probably guessed, all about pianos.

Pianos are more than mere music instruments, they are furniture, they are art, they are icons, they are tools, they are status, they are history.

The short articles featured here deal primarily with the instrument, not so much the players. You won’t find a story here about so-and-so’s latest album or concert. But you will find news items and interesting (hopefully) stories, and factual insights featuring “the king of instruments”.

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… Me

This blog is written by me, David Crombie. I am a music industry journalist specialising in keyboard instruments. Over the years I have written countless articles for UK magazines including Melody Maker, International Musician, Sound on Sound, Studio Sound, Music Business, Sound International, and many more.

I have contributed to a number of books on musical instrument and also had several of my own books published including The Keyboard and Synthesizer Handbook (Dorling Kindersley), The Complete Synthesizer, The Complete Electronic Percussion Book and several even more obscure titles (The Casio CZ Book anyone?).

I also wrote a somewhat more successful book called PIANO, which has recently been turned into a multimedia work incorporating animation, video and audio. It is available on the iBook store. More information…