2022 Articles (#267 – #299)

299. A Very Special Piano for “The Piano Lesson” (20-Dec-2022)
For the stage show an intricately carved upright piano was created using 3D print technology… (more)

298. Fazioli: From the Dream to the Sound (13-Dec-2022)
This new film documentary celebrates the 40th Anniversary of the Fazioli Pianoforti company… (more)

297. Piano Photography — A Closer Look (28-Nov-2022)
Amazing photographs reveal the hidden details and spaces that exist deep within a piano… (more)

296. Steinway Gran Nichetto Limited Edition (22-Nov-2022)
Steinway collaborates with the award-winning Nichetto Studio to produce an elegant new Limited Edition grand piano… (more)

295. Thomas Edison’s Tooth-Marked Steinway (12-Nov-2022)
To enhance his hearing Edison used a technique known as bone conduction, and this involved biting his grand piano… (more)

294. Augmented Grand Piano from Arturia (3-Nov-2022)
This intriguing new software blends high-quality piano samples with modern synthesizer-based sounds… (more)

293. Roland’s 50th Anniversary Concept Piano (17-Oct-2022)
Roland is celebrating its 50th birthday with an extraordinary new digital piano… (more)

292. Digital Piano Shortage this Christmas? (6-Oct-2022)
The worldwide chip shortage continues… how will it affect supply this Christmas?… (more)

291. Casio’s Stylish New Digital Pianos (16-Sep-2022)
The modern aesthetic of Casio’s new PX-S7000 digital is more than just style over substance… (more)

290. The Challen Giant (8-Sep-2022)
The renovation of the grand piano that was once the largest in the world… (more)

289. Pianos and Postage Stamps (30-Aug-2022)
Estonian Pianos are celebrated on the country’s latest postage stamps… (more)

288. MetaPiano from Sampleson (16-Aug-2022)
MetaPiano (it is claimed) is the first-ever spectral modelled virtual grand piano… (more)

287. Pure Upright: A New iOS Piano Appitle (09-Aug-2022)
Pure Upright is a professional, multi-sampled upright piano for your iPhone or iPad… (more)

286. Ergonomically Curved Keyboards (20-Jul-2022)
A look at some notable acoustic pianos fitted with curved keyboards… (more)

285. New Roland Digital Pianos (14-Jul-2022)
Roland expands its range of digital home pianos by with the F107 and RP107 models… (more)

284. Airbnb Properties with a Piano (27-Jun-2022)
Airbnb now lets you search for properties that have a piano… (more)

283. Pianos at NAMM 2022 (12-Jun-2022)
NAMM is back, and we examine the new piano on display… (more)

282. La Mort du Cygne Grand Pianos (03-Jun-2022)
A rare example of a La Mort du Cygne piano is about to be sold at auction… (more)

281. Early Piano Actions and The Oeser (24-May-2022)
A look at the Viennese action, and at The Oeser — a new virtual piano employing this action… (more)

280. 50 Years of Roland Pianos (10-May-2022)
This year (2022) Roland celebrates its 50th anniversary — a look back at Roland’s landmark pianos… (more)

279. What if Japan had Developed the Piano? (26-Apr-2022)
What would today’s piano look like if it had evolved independently in Japan?… (more)

278. Steinway Plans to Go Public Again (22-Apr-2022)
Steinway Musical Instrument Holdings Inc. will shortly be listed on the New York Stock Exchange… (more)

277. Chopstix Stars in An Amazing Piano Video (11-Apr-2022)
Check out this remarkable YouTube video from Mark Rober in which a piano actually talks!… (more)

276. Yamaha CFX Concert Grand Piano (28-Mar-2022)
How has Yamaha improved its flagship concert grand piano – much loved by many?… (more)

275. Piano Day 2022 (21-Mar-2022)
Piano Day 2022, held on the 88th day of the year, is an annual celebration of the piano around the world… (more)

274. Struck Grand — The Fine Art of Piano Abuse (18-Mar-2022)
Soundiron releases STRUCK GRAND 2.0 — a unique sample library of remarkable piano sounds… (more)

273. Book Release: Henry the Steinway (28-Feb-2022)
Discover more about the “Henry the Steinway” books, and why they may be your child’s perfect introduction to the magical world of pianos… (more)

272. Yamaha Puts an AR Grand Piano in Your Home (21-Feb-2022)
Yamaha releases a new free web-based augmented reality solution that lets you experience an acoustic piano in your own front room… (more)

271. The Million Dollar Quartet Piano (11-Feb-2022)
Used on the legendary 1956 Million Dollar Quartet session (Elvis, Lewis, Cash and Perkins), this Wurlitzer spinet piano is now for sale… (more)

270. Joe 90 Prop Piano For Sale (3-Feb-2022)
A scale model piano used in the much-loved cult TV series JOE 90 is to be auctioned. This “prop piano” was built with incredible attention to detail… (more)

269. New CDP Digital Pianos from Casio (18-Jan-2022)
Casio adds two new models — the CDP-S110 and CDP-S360 — to its popular CDP-S digital piano range… (more)

268. New Book: Erard — A Passion for the Piano (11-Jan-2022)
Robert Adelson’s superb new work is a comprehensive examination of the Erard company — possibly the most innovative piano house ever… (more)

267. A New Piano Calendar for 2022 (4-Jan-2022)
The Faber Piano Adventures 2022 Calendar: “A Year of Inspiration at the Piano” combines striking piano images with motivational quotations… (more)


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