2020 Articles (#192 – #234)

234. Two Stunning New Art-Case Pianos (15-Dec-2020)
Steinway & Sons and Edelweiss Pianos both unveil unique and spectacular art-case grand pianos… (more)

233. Award Winning Pianos 2020 (8-Dec-2020)
December is the month we take our customary look back at the winners of the year’s various piano awards… (more)

232. New Product: Valente Electric Piano (1-Dec-2020)
The Valente Electric Piano is a new electro-mechanical instrument designed by Brazilian inventor Tiago Valente… (more)

231. Two Unique Pianos at Music China 2020 (26-Nov-2020)
Two particularly interesting pianos from Pearl River and Yamaha attracted a lot of attention at Music China 2020… (more)

230. Salvador Dali’s “Surrealist Piano” (16-Nov-2020)
The “Surrealist Piano” illustrates Dali’s penchant for transforming everyday articles into phantasmagorical animated objects… (more)

229. New Product: QRS UV Keyboard Sanitizer (10-Nov-2020)
The new QRS UV Keyboard Sanitizer will (the manufacturers claim) kill 99.9% of most viruses (including Covid-19)… (more)

228. Sampleson Releases Klavee — A Virtual Klaviphon (27-Oct-2020)
The Klaviphon is a small, budget electric piano manufactured in Czechoslovakia between 1958 and 1966… (more)

227. Steinway “Kravitz Grand” — A Real Work of Art (21-Oct-2020)
Steinway & Sons has launched a remarkable limited-edition grand piano designed by legendary musician Lenny Kravitz… (more)

226. John Lennon’s Piano at Strawberry Field (10-Oct-2020)
The Steinway Model Z upright piano on which John Lennon composed “Imagine” is now at the Strawberry Field exhibition in Liverpool…. (more)

225. New Products: Kawai ES920 and Kawai ES520 (29-Sep-2020)
Kawai release two new digital pianos, expanding their ES Series of portable instruments… (more)

224.New Product: Keybird X1 (22-Sep-2020)
Keybird Instruments has launched a new portable acoustic piano that weighs just 50kg (110 pounds)…. (more)

223. New Video Series: The Evolution of the Piano (7-Sep-2020)
Canada’s National Music Centre (NMC) has launched a new series of short videos that explain how the piano came about… (more)

222. Piano Accessories: PianoFit and Piano Care Kit (2-Sep-2020)
Two new piano accessories have just appeared on the market — one from Germany, the other from America… (more)

221. The Appassionata — Steinway Celebrates (26-Aug-2020)
Tim and Matt have launched a new crowdfunding campaign to raise £25,000 to pay for a permanent home for the Pianodrome… (more)

220. Pianodrome Crowdfunding Campaign (24-Aug-2020)
Tim and Matt have launched a new crowdfunding campaign to raise £25,000 to pay for a permanent home for the Pianodrome… (more)

219. Shells — a Short New Film from Fazioli  (19-Aug-2020)
Fazioli has released a beautiful new short film designed to show just what makes a Fazioli piano so special… (more)

218. Alicia Keys’ Boston Piano For Sale  (12-Aug-2020)
Alicia Keys and Steinway have donated a Boston UP-126E upright piano to the MusiCares charity. It is turquoise and signed by Keys… (more)

217. Le PianO du Lac 2020  (10-Aug-2020)
Le PianO du Lac is a series of outdoor concerts all performed on water, and at the heart of every show is a floating piano… (more)

216. New Product: The LEGO Piano  (27-Jul-2020)
A grand piano has over 10,000 individual parts — the new LEGO Piano uses 3662 “bricks”. And the LEGO Piano actually works… (more)

215. New Product: Yamaha Clavinova CLP-700 Series  (21-Jul-2020)
Yamaha introduces the CLP-735, CLP-745, CLP-765GP, and CLP-775 with the CLP-785 and CLP-795GP to follow… (more)

214. Casio’s AR App Puts Their Pianos in Your Home  (13-Jul-2020)
Casio has launched a fascinating augmented reality (AR) app that shows how their digital pianos would look in any location, e.g. your home… (more)

213. Butterfly Pianos and Symmetrical Grands  (30-Jun-2020)
With their “art-deco” and “mid-century modern” styling, older Butterfly Pianos are increasingly sought after. But is this a case of design over substance?… (more)


212. New Product: The BenQ PianoLight  (19-Jun-2020)
The PianoLight is a new premium quality “must-have” accessory from BenQ. This is no ordinary lamp… (more)

211. Bösendorfer Celebrates Beethoven’s 250th Birthday  (10-Jun-2020)
To commemorate the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birthday Bösendorfer has released a new version of its Beethoven Model Grand Piano… (more)

210. New Products: Kawai CA49 and Kawai CA59 Digital Pianos (2-Jun-2020)
Liberace’s outrageous upright piano is for sale in Julien’s Auctions’ Music Icons event. As you would expect, the piano is true glitz… (more)

209. Liberace’s Blingtastic Upright Piano For Sale  (27-May-2020)
Liberace’s outrageous upright piano is for sale in Julien’s Auctions’ Music Icons event. As you would expect, the piano is true glitz… (more)

208. Covid-19 Piano Care [Update]  (13-May-2020)
A comprehensive guide to all you need to know about disinfecting and sanitising your piano during the COVID-19 pandemic… (more)

207. Drake’s New Bösendorfer 280VC Grand Piano (6-May-2020)
The Canadian megastar Drake has installed a very special Bösendorfer 280VC Concert Grand piano in his amazing new Toronto mansion… (more)

206. Poul Henningsen’s Iconic Pianos  (28-Apr-2020)
PH Pianos unveils their PH Pianette—a revival of Poul Henningsen’s extraordinary 1930s piano… (more)

205. The Award-Winning Casio PX-S1000 Digital Piano  (14-Apr-2020)
Casio has announced that its Privia PX-S1000 has just been awarded a Red Dot Product Design Award (2020)… (more)

204. The Karsten Collection of Historical Keyboards  (3-Apr-2020)
Modartt has released a new instrument pack — The Karsten Collection — for their Pianoteq piano modelling software… (more)

203. This is Piano Day 2020  (25-Mar-2020)
Piano Day takes place on the 88th day of each year and is a celebration of the “king of musical instruments” — the piano… (more)

202. Piano to Zanskar II  (18-Mar-2020)
Since its release in 2018, Piano to Zanskar has been touring the film festival circuit to great acclaim, and has won several awards… (more)

201.COVID-19 and Consumer Piano Care  (16-Mar-2020)
The Piano Technicians Guild has compiled the following advisory relating to care of the piano… (more)

200. Hailun Pianos and Smaller Sized Keyboards  (9-Mar-2020)
Hailun Pianos exhibit one of their HU-1P uprights fitted with a DS6.0 keyboard. What does this mean?… (more)

199. New Book: The Lost Pianos of Siberia  (26-Feb-2020)
The Lost Pianos of Siberia explores vast remote areas in search, not just of pianos, but of a nation’s cultural soul… (more)

198. Two New Fazioli Pianos  (20-Feb-2020)
Fazioli has produced two new special edition “art case” pianos for Westbank, Canada’s luxury real-estate development company… (more)

197. Piano Vertical—A Performance Like No Other!  (14-Feb-2020)
It’s not often you see something that is “jaw-dropping”. But last month’s PIano Vertical concert in Munich most certainly deserves this description… (more)

196. The Steinway Piano from the SS United States  (5-Feb-2020)
The historic grand piano from the SS United States, once the world’s fastest ocean liner, has gone on public display at Steinway Hall, New York… (more)

195. New Pianos at Winter NAMM 2020  (29-Jan-2020)
A look at some of the new pianos on show at this year’s Winter NAMM Show held in Anaheim, California… (more)

194. New Product: Bösendorfer Secession Grand Piano  (20-Jan-2020)
Bösendorder has revealed its latest grand piano – The Secession 214VC. This is the first instrument in Bösendorfer’s new Architecture Series… (more)

193. Roland GPX-F1 Facet Concept Piano at CES 2020  (13-Jan-2020)
Roland’s elegant GPX-F1 concept piano was unveiled at CES 2020 this week. It was conceived back in 2015, but has only just been built… (more)

192. For Sale: The Immortal Piano—Asking Price $2 million  (10-Jan-2020)
The Immortal Piano, also known as The Siena Piano, is for sale on eBay. It has a “Buy It Now” price of $2 million… (more)


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