2019 Articles (#144 – #191)

191. Pianist Magazine’s 2020 Buyers Guide  (19-Dec-2019)
Pianist magazine has just published its 2020 Piano Buyer’s Guide reviewing a wide range of acoustic and digital pianos… (more)

190. Award-Winning Pianos  (6-Dec-2019)
Several US music trade magazines announce their annual industry awards in December… (more)

189. “A Singing Desk” Concept Piano  (28-Nov-2019)
Mexart’s latest piano-furniture concept has just won a prestigious Red Dot award 2019… (more)

188. New Product: Schimmel C121 Upright Piano  (22-Nov-2019)
German manufacturer Schimmel Pianos has replaced their popular C120 upright piano with a new model… (more)

187. The Piano Leo Fender Never Made  (14-Nov-2019)
Sampleson have mathematically modelled an electric piano designed by Leo Fender but never actually built!… (more)

186. Fazioli and C. Bechstein Pianos at Music China  (7-Nov-2019)
Two spectacular grand pianos were on show at this year’s Music China trade show in Shanghai. One is worth over $1million… (more)

185. Yamaha’s AI Piano System “Dear Glenn”  (24-Oct-2019)
Yamaha has developed an AI piano system that will play any piece of music in the style of Glenn Gould…. (more)

184. What or Where is Piano Land?  (22-Oct-2019)
Piano Land is a new cruise ship operating out of Xiamen. Find out why it is so named… (more)

183. The Feurich Model 123 – Modern Vienna Copper  (9-Oct-2019)
The German/Austrian piano manufacturer Feurich has just released a special edition of their Model 123… (more)

182. The Steinway Haara Chandelier  (20-Sep-2019)
Steinway & Sons UK, in collaboration with Cameron Design House, has produced the Steinway Haara Chandelier… (more)

181. The Schimmel K208 Pegasus Piano  (17-Sep-2019)
Schimmel Pianos recently delivered a customized, bright blue Pegasus grand piano to the 5-star Hotel Atlantis in Sanya, China…. (more)

180. New Products: Casio Celviano GP-310 and GP-510  (3-Sep-2019)
Casio has today released news of two new models – the Celviano GP-310 and the Celviano GP-510… (more)

179. 88 Pianists and One Piano  (21-Aug-2019)
The challenge was to have 88 different pianists simultaneously play an acoustic piano. How was it done?… (more)

178. The Standing Grand Project  (20-Aug-2019)
Sarah Nicolls aims is to develop an upright piano that has a grand’s fullness of sound, but which is also compact, lightweight and portable… (more)

177. New Product: Kawai Novus NV5  (16-Aug-2019)
The NOVUS NV5 is the latest hybrid piano from Kawai Japan. It joins the award-winning NOVUS NV10 in the catalogue… (more)

176. Steinway Buys Louis Renner  (13-Aug-2019)
Steinway & Sons has purchased Louis Renner GmbH & Co. KG. The German Renner company manufactures grand and upright piano actions… (more)

175. The 2019 Toy Piano Festival  (9-Aug-2019)
The 19th Toy Piano Festival takes place at the University of California San Diego’s Geisel Library on September 5th… (more)

174. New Home for Elvis’ Gold Piano  (22-Jul-2019)
Elvis’ gold piano will go on display at the new Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Tampa, Florida. Read the full story… (more)

173. Pianodrome – This Amazing Performance Venue Returns  (15-Jul-2019)
Following its highly successful launch at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2018, Pianodrome returns to the festival this August…. (more)

172. EXXEO – A Designer Piano with the WOW! Factor    (8-Jul-2019)
A new designer piano has appeared on the scene, and to say that it is visually striking is something of an understatement… (more)

171. New Products: Kawai CN29 and CN39 Digital Pianos  (10-Jun-2019)
Kawai introduces the CN29 and CN39 to their comprehensive range of digital pianos. These succeed the popular CN27 and CN37… (more)

170. The Story of Cole Porter’s “High Society” Steinway  (3-Jun-2019)
Cole Porter’s famous piano, which he himself named “High Society”, has been meticulously restored by Steinway & Sons… (more)

169. Pianos at Queen Victoria’s 200th Anniversary Celebrations  (21-May-2019)
Various exhibitions and festivities are taking place throughout 2019 to celebrate Queen Victoria’s 200th Anniversary… (more)

168. Edelweiss Pianos’ 2019 Collection (ft. Elmer)  (14-May-2019)
Elmer, star of their new collection, is a dazzling new model from Cambridge (UK) based piano makers Edelweiss. … (more)

167. New Virtual Pianos from Sampleson and N.I.  (8-May-2019)
Sampleson has released Model T, and Native Instruments announces NOIRE, both are exciting new virtual instruments  … (more)

166. Is there a Fortune Hidden in Your Piano  (30-Apr-2019)
A rare 1916 baseball card found inside an old piano, and featuring Babe Ruth, sold at auction for $130,000… (more)

165. The Lang Lang Black Diamond Steinway  (24-Apr-2019)
The latest addition to the Steinway’s Limited Edition range of grand pianos is the Lang Lang Black Diamond… (more)

164. Petrof 155th Anniversary Limited Edition Pianos (16-Apr-2019)
Czech Republic based Petrof celebrates 155 years of piano-making with three new limited edition instruments… (more)

163. New Product Range: Roland HP700 Series  (11-Apr-2019)
Roland has just unveiled their new HP700 series of digital pianos for the home. These are the HP702 and HP704… (more)

162. John Lennon’s Broadwood Piano for Sale  (9-Apr-2019)
Lennon’s Broadwood is offered for sale through online auction house Gotta Have Rock and Roll. Estimate: from USD 800,000 to USD 1,200,000… (more)

161. The First Fleet Piano  (5-Apr-2019)
In 1788 a small square piano was the first to reach Australia. But It is now in need of critical restoration. Follow the story… (more)

160. New Product: The Nord Grand  (2-Apr-2019)
The new Nord Grand, conceived and built by Clavia DMI, is a top-of-the-range digital piano with an elegant approach to stage piano design… (more)

159. The Inside Out Piano (II) (29-Mar-2019)
An old Erard grand piano has been transformed into the Inside-Out Piano II, opening up a whole new palette of sounds to the pianist… (more)

158. Chromasoul — The Power of Colour  (21-Mar-2019)
Chromasoul is a stunning new 3-D artwork by acclaimed artist Mia, featuring a spectacularly decorated Steinway Model D concert grand… (more)

157. Piano Day 2019: March 29th  (18-Mar-2019)
Forget Brexit! Friday March 29th is PIANO DAY 2019 — the day events take place around the world celebrating this glorious instrument… (more)

156. New Product: Steinway Spiro | r  (12-Mar-2019)
Steinway officially launched the SPIRIO | r player piano system on the company’s 166th birthday (March 5th)… (more)

155. Searching for Pianos  (8-Mar-2019)
This article looks at the changes in popularity of certain piano-related search terms. Discover how trends have shifted… (more)

154. New Product: Resonance Piano from Ciresa (25-Feb-2019)
Is this “soundboard-amplifier” the missing Link between the acoustic and digital piano?… (more)

153. C. Bechstein D 282  — Samples &  Models  (20-Feb-2019)
The Teldex samples of the C. Bechstein D 282, now used to produce a new Modartt model, may be the best ever taken of an acoustic piano… (more)

152. One Becomes Twenty — A Unique Hybrid  (15-Feb-2019)
A dilapidated grand piano has been transformed into a unique hybrid that now incorporates 20 other instruments… (more)

151. Inspirational New Yamaha Digital Pianos  (5-Feb-2019)
Yamaha’s new digital piano designs show new ways in which a piano can become an integral part of the home… (more)

150. Klavins Una Corda — Graffiti (30-Jan-2019)
A look at the colourful Una Corda Piano — Graffiti from Hungarian piano maker David Klavins… (more)

149. New Yamaha Pianos at NAMM 2019 (26-Jan-2019)
Yamaha launches a whole host of new pianos for 2019. These include hybrids, digitals and stage pianos…. (more)

148. Kawai’s Crystal Grand and other Transparent Pianos (22-Jan-2019)
Kawai launches a special order programme for their visually stunning CR-1M Crystal Grand Piano… (more)

147. New Products: Casio CDP-S100 and CDP-S350 (15-Jan-2019)
Casio has two new “ultra” compact digital pianos coming out in February 2019. These are the CDP-S100 and CDP-S350…. (more)

146. New Product: Roland GO:PIANO88 and Alexa  (9-Jan-2019)
Roland unveils the new GO:PIANO88 digital piano at CES 2019, and surprise everyone with a prototype GO:PIANO with Alexa Built-inl… (more)

145. Make Beethoven’s Piano Great Again! (7-Jan-2019)
Support the restoration of an historic grand piano built around 1815 by Conrad Graf, and played by Ludwig van Beethoven… (more)

144. The Queen’s Piano (2-Jan-2019)
The Queen’s Christmas message (2018) has been overshadowed by a gold piano made in 1856 by S&P Erard…. (more)