2019 Articles (#144 – )

163. New Product Range: Roland HP700 Series  (11-Apr-2019)
Roland has just unveiled their new HP700 series of digital pianos for the home. These are the HP702 and HP704… (more)

162. John Lennon’s Broadwood Piano for Sale  (9-Apr-2019)
Lennon’s Broadwood is offered for sale through online auction house Gotta Have Rock and Roll. Estimate: from USD 800,000 to USD 1,200,000… (more)

161. The First Fleet Piano  (5-Apr-2019)
In 1788 a small square piano was the first to reach Australia. But It is now in need of critical restoration. Follow the story… (more)

160. New Product: The Nord Grand  (2-Apr-2019)
The new Nord Grand, conceived and built by Clavia DMI, is a top-of-the-range digital piano with an elegant approach to stage piano design… (more)

159. The Inside Out Piano (II) (29-Mar-2019)
An old Erard grand piano has been transformed into the Inside-Out Piano II, opening up a whole new palette of sounds to the pianist… (more)

158. Chromasoul — The Power of Colour  (21-Mar-2019)
Chromasoul is a stunning new 3-D artwork by acclaimed artist Mia, featuring a spectacularly decorated Steinway Model D concert grand… (more)

157. Piano Day 2019: March 29th  (18-Mar-2019)
Forget Brexit! Friday March 29th is PIANO DAY 2019 — the day events take place around the world celebrating this glorious instrument… (more)

156. New Product: Steinway Spiro | r  (12-Mar-2019)
Steinway officially launched the SPIRIO | r player piano system on the company’s 166th birthday (March 5th)… (more)

155. Searching for Pianos  (8-Mar-2019)
This article looks at the changes in popularity of certain piano-related search terms. Discover how trends have shifted… (more)

154. New Product: Resonance Piano from Ciresa (25-Feb-2019)
Is this “soundboard-amplifier” the missing Link between the acoustic and digital piano?… (more)

153. C. Bechstein D 282  — Samples &  Models  (20-Feb-2019)
The Teldex samples of the C. Bechstein D 282, now used to produce a new Modartt model, may be the best ever taken of an acoustic piano… (more)

152. One Becomes Twenty — A Unique Hybrid  (15-Feb-2019)
A dilapidated grand piano has been transformed into a unique hybrid that now incorporates 20 other instruments… (more)

151. Inspirational New Yamaha Digital Pianos  (5-Feb-2019)
Yamaha’s new digital piano designs show new ways in which a piano can become an integral part of the home… (more)

150. Klavins Una Corda — Graffiti (30-Jan-2019)
A look at the colourful Una Corda Piano — Graffiti from Hungarian piano maker David Klavins… (more)

149. New Yamaha Pianos at NAMM 2019 (26-Jan-2019)
Yamaha launches a whole host of new pianos for 2019. These include hybrids, digitals and stage pianos…. (more)

148. Kawai’s Crystal Grand and other Transparent Pianos (22-Jan-2019)
Kawai launches a special order programme for their visually stunning CR-1M Crystal Grand Piano… (more)

147. New Products: Casio CDP-S100 and CDP-S350 (15-Jan-2019)
Casio has two new “ultra” compact digital pianos coming out in February 2019. These are the CDP-S100 and CDP-S350…. (more)

146. New Product: Roland GO:PIANO88 and Alexa  (9-Jan-2019)
Roland unveils the new GO:PIANO88 digital piano at CES 2019, and surprise everyone with a prototype GO:PIANO with Alexa Built-inl… (more)

145. Make Beethoven’s Piano Great Again! (7-Jan-2019)
Support the restoration of an historic grand piano built around 1815 by Conrad Graf, and played by Ludwig van Beethoven… (more)

144. The Queen’s Piano (2-Jan-2019)
The Queen’s Christmas message (2018) has been overshadowed by a gold piano made in 1856 by S&P Erard…. (more)