2018 Articles (#86 – #143)

143. The Piano Mill Wins Award (12-Dec-2018)
The Piano Mill has just received the Completed Building—Culture 2018 award at the World Architecture Festival… (more)

142. Award Winning Pianos (10-Dec-2018)
The 2018 piano awards from Musical Merchandise Review and Music Inc. magazines… (more)

141. Desert Island Pianos (4-Dec-2018)
A magnificent new instrument from Fazioli designed by the renowned Japanese architect… (more)

140. New Product: Kawai K300 Aures Hybrid (29-Nov-2018)
The new piano marries the acoustic excellence of the K-300 upright with the technology of Kawai’s CA digital pianos… (more)

139. The Best Piano Advert Ever? (16-Nov-2018)
Is the John Lewis Christmas advert unwittingly be the single most important ad for the piano ever?… (more)

138. Requiem for Pianos: The ArtBook (14-Nov-2018)
10 years photographing abandoned pianos in decaying buildings. Now a haunting new book… (more)

137. The Kengo Kuma Fazioli Grand Piano (9-Nov-2018)
A magnificent new instrument from Fazioli designed by the renowned Japanese architect… (more)

136. The Swan Piano by Gaveau (6-Nov-2018)
An exquisite example of the neo-classical art-case piano from the French piano maker is up for auction… (more)

135. The Steinway Elbphilharmonie Limited Edition (23-Oct-2018)
A new Steinway grand piano, produced in partnership with the Elbphilharmonie (Hamburg’s new cultural centre)… (more)

134. New Book: The Best of Acoustic & Digital Piano Buyer (17-Oct-2018)
A new publication from Larry Fine featuring articles on buying and maintaining all types of piano… (more)

133. New Product Range: Roland LX700 Piano Series (11-Oct-2018)
A new digital piano range from Roland… (more)

132. The ANT. PETROF 275 — Real and now Virtual (8-Oct-2018)
A look at one of the great concert grands, now physically modelled by French software house Modartt… (more)

131. The World’s First Nine Octave Piano (28-Sep-2018)
Stuart & Sons produce the first acoustic piano to boast a nine octave keyboard—that’s 108 keys!… (more)

130. 130th Anniversary of First Piano Recording (19-Sep-2018)
130 years ago, the sound of an acoustic piano was recorded for the very first time… (more)

129. Cremona Musica — The Piano Experience (5-Sep-2018)
Cremona Musica is widely considered to be the largest marketplace in the world for fine quality pianos… (more)

128. Winnie the Pooh & the Magnetic Resonator Piano (24-Aug-2018)
The Magnetic Resonator Piano makes its movie debut in Disney’s new film “Christopher Robin”… (more)

127. The Echo—a Mid Century Modern Upright (14-Aug-2018)
Euro Pianos Naples recently introduced the Echo, a mid-century modern upright piano… (more)

125. New Product: Yamaha P-121 Portable Digital Piano (7-Aug-18)
Yamaha’s P-121, is possibly the lightest, most affordable, weighted-key, quality digital piano on the market… (more)

124. The Legendary Hohner Electra Piano (27-Jul-2018)
Software house Sampleson have just released a free plugin of the Hohner Electra Piano T… (more)

123. New Film: Piano to Zanskar (18-Jul-2018)
The “moving” story of one man’s mission to deliver a piano to a remote school 14,000ft up in the Himalayan mountains…. (more)

122. Prince’s ALPHA Grand 97— Sold! (16-Jul-2018)
The hybrid piano commissioned by Prince for his “Piano & A Microphone Tour” has just been sold… (more)

121. Bartolomeo Cristofori & the Invention of the Piano (10-Jul-2018)
This book is the first comprehensive study of the life and work of the great musical instrument maker. … (more)

120. New Product: The Virtual Steingraeber E-272 (4-Jul-2018)
The latest piano to receive the Pianoteq physical modelling treatment is the celebrated Steingraeber & Söhne E-272… (more)

119. New Product: Yamaha P-515 Portable Digital Piano (29-Jun-2018)
Yamaha unveil the P-515, which will become the flagship instrument in their P-Series of digital pianos… (more)

118. New Exhibition for World’s Oldest Piano (21-Jun-2018)
Bartolomeo Cristofori’s 1720 piano, takes centre stage in a new exhibition “The Art of Music through Time” at The Met, NYC… (more)

117. Sing For Hope Pianos (19-Jun-2018)
The “Sing for Hope Pianos” project placed 50 highly decorated pianos around New York… (more)

116. New Book: Chopin’s Piano (12-Jun-2018)
“Chopin’s Piano” tells how a humble pianino became one of the most important and sought-after instruments ever… (more)

115. Musings on the Sale of the Colt Clavier Collection (11-Jun-2018)
The auction raised over US$1.1million, but should this important collection have been broken up?.. (more)

114. The World’s Largest Piano Mk.2 (5-June-2018)
The Alexander piano was built by Adrian Mann in New Zealand in 2009. Now he wants to build a new piano… (more)

113. Seismic Waves and the Tsunami Piano (30-May-2018)
The story of a piano, saved by Ryuchi Sakamoto, that survived the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake… (more)

112. Competing with (Disklavier) Technology (24-May-2018)
How  international piano competitions are changing, thanks to streaming technology… (more)

111. “The Piano Tuner” by Norman Rockwell (17-May-2018)
Norman Rockwell’s painting capturing the world of the piano tuner is to be sold at auction this month. Estimated price: $3-5million… (more)

110. The “Requiem for Pianos” Series (15-May-2018)
A haunting new collection of photographs featuring old pianos decaying in equally dilapidated surroundings… (more)

109. Beethoven’s Broadwood Bicentenary (10-May-2018)
More events celebrating Thomas Broadwood’s gift of a grand piano to Ludwig Van Beethoven… (more)

108. The “Once in a Lifetime” Piano Auction (8-May-2018)
The sale of the Colt Clavier Collection will be the biggest sale of historic keyboard instruments ever… (more)

107. The Roland Kiyola Home Piano (30-Apr-2018)
This digital piano is a modern design classic, and is now featured in New York’s Museum of Modern Art’s (MoMA) Design store… (more)

106. New Pianos at Musikmesse 2018 (24-Apr-2018)
A look at some of the new instruments unveiled at this year’s Frankfurt show… (more)

105. More Piano Burning Issues (16-Apr-2018)
Find how this rather unusual custom first started, and why it continues across the world… (more)

104. New Product: Nord Piano 4 (11-Apr-2018)
Clavia unveil the Nord Piano 4, the latest iteration of their award-winning Piano Series… (more)

103. The Pianodrome: Saving Unwanted Pianos (10-Apr-2018)
Plans are afoot to build a 100 seater amphitheatre constructed entirely from unwanted pianos… (more)

102. A Piano in the Amazon (19-Apr-2018)
A groundbreaking project that took an ordinary Brazilian upright piano to over 30 remote riverside communities… (more)

101. My Piano: New Regulations Concerning Ivory (3-Apr-2018)
How do new regulations affect the ownership and sale of pianos with ivory keys?… (more)

100. The Teague: Mid-Century Modern Revisited (26-Mar-2018)
The Teague Sketch 1111 is Steinway’s latest addition to their Limited Editions Catalogue… (more)

99. Piano Day 2018 (19-Mar-2018)
This is an annual worldwide music festival with the aim of promoting, and celebrating the piano… (more)

98. Unveiled: The World’s Largest Upright Piano (15-Mar-2018)
David Klavins unveils the world’s largest upright piano – the 4.5 metre tall Klavins Model 450… (more)

97. Carole King’s Steinway Piano (13-Mar-2018)
Christies are to auction Carole King’s personal piano in The Exceptional Sale to be held in New York on April 20, 2018… (more)

96. The Piano Shaped Swimming Pool (11-Mar-2018)
A look at the history of the piano shaped pool, prompted by a house in Houston, Texas, with just such a pool coming onto the market… (more)

95. Resonances (1-Mar-2018)
Just released: a new documentary film about the famous piano makers, C. Bechstein. Piano lovers of all allegiances will find much to enjoy here… (more)

94. The Broadwood Manxman (26-Feb-2018)
The Arts and Crafts styled Manxman denoted a major new design for the upright piano. It first appeared at the end of the 19th century.. (more)

93. ENSPIRE PRO System Update (21-Feb-2018)
The Disklavier ENSPIRE PRO system is now available for Yamaha’s SX and Bösendorfer’s VC grand pianos… (more)

92. The Steinway Sunburst (8-Feb-2018)
The Steinway Sunburst is a new limited edition piano incorporating the classic three-colour design famously found on many Fender and Gibson guitars… (more)

91. New Product: Kurzweil SP1 Stage Piano (6-Feb-2018)
Kurzweil introduce their entry-level SP1 Stage Piano at 2018’s Winter NAMM show at Anaheim, California… (more)

90. Finding Airbnb Properties with a Piano (31-Jan-2018)
Have you ever tried to find a holiday property with a piano? We put our campaigning hat on, and tackle Airbnb’s listings… (more)

89. New Digital Pianos at NAMM 2018 (29-Jan-2018)
The Winter NAMM Show has finished, and we take a look at the new digital pianos that were announced at this year’s event… (more)

88. The Bösendorfer Dragonfly Grand Piano (25-Jan-2018) Korg will unveil the new D1 digital stage piano. The compact nature of the instrument belies its natural sound quality and feel… (more)

87. New Product : Korg D1 Digital Piano (22-Jan-2018)
Korg will unveil the new D1 digital stage piano. The compact nature of the instrument belies its natural sound quality and feel.. (more)

bosendorfer in snowdrift86. Some Winter Tips for You and Your Piano (3-Jan-2018)
As atrocious weather hits some parts of the northern hemisphere, we look at a few ways to keep both you and your piano in good condition… (more)

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