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52. Korg’s New Grandstage Piano is an Award Winner (24-July-2017)
The new Grandstage pianos win a “Gotta Stock It” award at this summer’s NAMM Show… (more)
51. The Perfect 25th (Silver) Anniversary Gift (20-July-2017)
Looking for that perfect silver anniversary gift? How about a limited edition silver-styled grand designed to celebrate Boston Pianos’ 25 year history?… (more)
50. New Casio Digital Pianos at Summer NAMM Show (17-July-2017)
Casio unveil three additions to their excellent Celviano and Privia ranges of digital pianos at the 2017 Summer Namm Show in Tennessee…. (more)
49. A Chance to See the Grandest of Grands (12-July-2017)
A new exhibition celebrates the work of painter/designer Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, and features his stunning art-case Steinway grand piano… (more)
48. Two Bombs Found in a Piano (3-July-2017)
Two pipe bombs have been found in a piano in Millbrook, Alabama. Luckily no-one was hurt. A bomb in piano is not a new thing… (more)
47. Two Million Dollar Pianos (29-June-2017)
There are two million dollar pianos in the news. Here we look at the actual Yamaha piano Elton John uses in his Las Vegas Million Dollar Piano Show… (more)
46. What is a PIano Baby? 
Find out what a Piano Baby is, and why it is probably the strangest piano accessory ever. (more)
45. Modesto’s Intersection of Art. More Fun Theory. (12-June-2017)
Downtown Modesto has been enlivened by the appearance of a somewhat unusual set of pedestrian crossings that re-kindle the “Theory of Fun”. (more)
44. Steinway in Paris—142 years Late? In a Copycat Building! (31-May-2017)
Steinway open their stunning new showrooms in Paris… but there’s something familiar about the building. (more)
43. Hello to the Grand Rhapsody Piano (25-May-2017)
A plugin that samples the actual piano used on Adele’s “25”. (more)
42. Millennium Falcon Piano for Sale
A one-off piano, styled to look like the Millennium Falcon (Star Wars). (more)
41. A Piano and a Joyful Train
Piano bars and luxury train travel around the world. (more)
40. Alien: Covenant. Sterling Stuff
The Steinway piano in Ridley Scott’s new film. (more)
39. A look back at the Chicago Music Trades Convention, 1917
The most important piano show in the world – 100 years ago. (more)
38. The Orpheus Piano and the 13 inch CD?
A player piano from 1899, up for auction. (more)
37. The Cobbe Collection, 2017
A stunning historical collection of pianos. (more)
36. Steinway’s “Pictures at an Exhibition” Piano
The new art-case piano inspired by Mussogsky’s composition. (more)
35. Update: There’s Gold in them there Broadwoods…
The gold hoard found in a 1903 piano. (more)
34. No News Today… Pianos at the BBC
How the BBC used the piano on slow news days. (more)
33. Cristofori Speaks
The inventor of the piano regrets his brainchild. (more)
32. Yamaha SX Series (Musicmesse 2017)
New Yamaha grand pianos. (more)
31. Piano Returns to Brighton Pavilion after 170 years
A royal Tomkison grand piano is returned to its original home. (more)
30. A Piano on a Bare Mountain
Piano recitals in unusal places. (more)

29. Korg G1 Air at (Musicmesse 2017)
A new, long-awaited, digital piano. (more)
28. If the piano could talk…
An album celebrates the piano at the Chateau Marmont hotel, L.A. (more)
27. All About Piano. Be Prepared!
A unique festival celebrating the piano including a lecture on prepared piano. (more)
26. The Dolceola Revisited
What is a Dolceola? (more)
25. Ship Shape and Yamaha Fashion
Pianos and Cruise Ships. (more)
24. SuperDroid: A Piano Player… not a Player Piano
A 21st century piano player. (more)
23. The Walled Off Piano Bar
Banksy’s dystopian hotel in Palestine. (more)
22. Pedal Power — Soft and Softer
Steingraeber & Sohne’s sordino pedal. (more)
21. Oscar Time
More cock-ups at the Oscars. (more)
20. Pianos and Melodeons
The global piano melodeon market. (more)
19. 21 Piano Giveaway after Concert at King’s College Cambridge
An ensemble of 21 pianos perform Chopin, then the pianos are given away. (more)
18. From “Play Me, I’m Yours” to “Find Me, I’m Yours”
Luke Jerram’s hidden gold artefacts and a piano free-for-all. (more)
17. Burning Issues
Historic piano immolations. (more)
16. Kawai and Parsons do a deal and eye growth in China
Hong Kong music industry merger. (more)
15. Roland RD-2000 Stage Piano – Modelling and Sampling
New top-end digital piano. (more)
14. Piano Day 2017
The 5th annual worldwide celebration of all things piano. (more)
13. Coming… Coming… Soon! Next UK Piano Auction
Piano Auction Limited’s spring piano sale (UK). (more)
12. Piano Destruction Ritual: Pianos were harmed in the making of this video
Conceptual artist Raphael Montañez Ortiz’s latest performance. (more)
11. Pianists have faster reaction times. Fact.
University of Montreal research project. (more)
10. Fazioli unveil new generation F278 Concert Grand (NAMM 2017)
New grand piano launched at Winter NAMM show. (more)
09. La La GRAND
What was that instrument Ryan Gosling was playing? (more)
08. …When life throws you a Piano!
Powerful piano-based advert for a Middle Eastern chain store. (more)
07. The Search for Napoleon’s ‘Persian’ piano.
Did Napoleon once give a square piano to a Persian king? (more)
06. Turn your keyboard into a grand for about a grand.
How to make your digital keyboard look like a grand piano. (more)
05. There’s gold in them there Broadwood pianos…
Mystery surrounds a piano tuners find of hundreds of gold coins in an old upright. (more)
04. George Michael’s generosity saved John Lennon’s piano, but which one?
The Steinway Z1 upright that was “saved for the nation”. (more)
03. Nord’s “Dummy Head” Piano Library
A new piano sample library recorded using a binaural head is now available. (more)
02. Are MP3s making you depressed?
Research suggests that compressed audio formats can make the listener feel down. (more)
01. Roland introduces the GO:PIANO (CES 2017)
A new 61 note battery powered digital piano. (more)
00. The Westworld Effect on Player Piano Sales
The HBO show has unwittingly boosted sales of self-playing instruments. (more)